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Innovative Product Finance

DeTao Dan (Design Finance)

As one of the service of DeTao XIN LIANPU, it tackles with 2 problems of wisdom sharing namely Interconnection and Value Transfer. DeTao Dan (Design Finance) ensures the collaboration and transaction of innovative product through Internet, transforms idea into product, and introduces product into market by 3 steps.

It will establish a virtual“Product company”for each product and an independent and individual accounting system, evaluate all products, and make preliminary value assessment and sustainable management.

It will connect to all factors for the success of various products, including masters, supply chain enterprises, distribution channels and investors. Within each project collaboration, the owner transfers part of the usufruct to reach various necessary resources for products.

Each product will be managed by a off-line professional team and the online management will also be transparent and standard through Internet. Each product owner can supervise the product operation through the virtual board at any time, and make decision according to the project collaboration agreement. They will collaborate with the leading enterprises and institutes to incubate and administrate those innovative products, and create industry-featured collaborative systems. In this way, the investors will beef up their product management and be assured that their money will be used in appropriate places. The inventor of the product is guaranteed to get their share of the profit without worrying of payment repudiation and concealment of the sales data.

DeTao Dan (Design Finance) will also work with other co-founders to create Research & Innovation Dan and Industiral Park Dan which dedicated to incubating every idea to become a successful case and providing wholistic guarantee for innovators.

Research & Innovation Dan

Based on its world class master cluster resource and abundant financial resource, DeTao Group works with Beijing Institute of Collaborative Innovation and China Industrial Design Association to commercialize the scientific research outcome, to promote the development of SMEs (small and medium enterprises) with innovative products and thinking. Jointly, they will help motivate real economy through collaboration, and build a service platform and a ecological system for Hard & Core technology transformation and incubation.

Beijing Institute of Collaborative Innovation has established 14 collaborative and innovative centers within the industries of intellectual robot, intelligent manufacturing, big data, modern communication technology, virtual reality, future network, bio-medical engineering, bio-medicine. It has become the center for academy and technology, for talents training, and for industrial incubation and innovative economy. China Industrial Design Association is the only national industrial design association in China, which is composed of universities, research and design organizations, manufacturers, industrial parks, promoting organizations home and abroad. It has over 1200 member enterprises, which include COMAC, Huawei, Tencent and other 1000 research and design organizations and industrial organizations, covering over 30 fields in mechanic equipment, rail traffic, automobile, aircraft, telecommunication, Internet big data, 3D printing, intellectual hardware, finance and investment, etc.

Industrial Park Dan

To create new model of industrial park innovative development and navigate parks to new system where integrating various global resources, production factors and cross-industry collaborative competence can be well leveraged, DeTao Group has launched Industrial Park Dan, and signed cosponsor agreements with 1 development zone league, 4 national development zones and 5 provincial and municipal development zones, among which:

  • Beijing Tianjin Hebei Development Zones Innovation League
  • Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area
  • China Tianjin Wuqing Development Area
  • Caofeidian Economic and Technological Development Zone

"Beijing Tianjin Hebei Development Zones Innovation League" is initiated by 12 national economic and technological development zones based in Beijing Tianjin, and Hebei, as well as 18 industrial parks including Tianjin Free Trade Pilot zone. Centering around investment and financing, enterprise branding, energy conservation and environment protection, and health service among other functions, though the online + offline service model, the League establishes service platforms for information communication, project coordination, investment and financing etc., and constructs an omni-dimensional, sustainable and integrated system for industry development, enterprise service, innovation and entrepreneurship system, so as to facilitate industry collaboration and coordination among Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei.

"Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area"is the only national industrial park boasting dual favorable policies earmarked for economic-technological development zone and high and new tech industry park. Over 4800 enterprises hailing from over 30 countries and regions have settled in this Area, which include 108 projects invested by 77 world Fortune 500 enterprises, as well as a batch of quality domestic-funded projects. Based on these key projects, the Area has forged various industrial clusters covering mobile telecommunication, integrated circuit, automobile manufacturing and medical equipment, etc.

"China Tianjin Wuqing Development Area"is a national economic and technological zone and national high and new tech industrial park. Six key leading industries namely electronic information, machine manufacturing, bio-medicine, automobile and components and parts, new material and new energy have taken shape here. Besides, the area is striving to foster modern service industries including culture creativity, animation and game, service outsourcing, financing, R&D incubation, and bonded logistics, as well as small and medium-sized tech enterprises, and headquarters economy. In total, it has brought in more than 2200 enterprises from 50 countries and regions.

"Caofeidian Economic and Technological Development Zone"is the first national development zone established in a newly-operational way. As a national and world-class new industrialization base, it has congregated large enterprises from patrol-chemical, mineral, energy, iron and steel, construction material, automobile and equipment industries. The total investment in the zone has exceeded 400 billion yuan, accomplishing the investment and operation of 135 major projects such as Shougang Jingtang Iron & Steel, and China Resources Power Holding, etc..Over 200 projects with investment exceeding 230 billion yuan covers leading industries such as port trade, fine steel material, and equipment manufacturing, as well as strategic emerging industries including new energy, electric automobile and new material areas. These projects has been speeding up in line with the procedure of “A quarterly centralized contract signing, A quarterly centralized construction launching , A quarterly centralized inspecting and learning”.

Other cooperative parks of DeTao also include Ministry of Commerce (Cao Hejing Development Zone) Industrial Transfer Promotion Center, Tianjin Xiqing Economic Development Zone, Changzhou Tianning Economic and Technological Development Zone, Shanghai Sijing Economic Development Zone, Shanghai Jinshan Technological Pioneer Park and Songjiang E-commerce Incubation Park.

DeTao XIN LIANPU Product Investment Fund

As a supplementary product of DeTao Dan (Design Financial), DeTao and China Industrial Design Association co-initiated DeTao XIN LIANPU Product Investment Fund. The scale of the fund is 600 million yuan, focusing on product financing. The fund is dedicated to investing and supporting those design products of university faculties & students, mature enterprise new product incubation and excellent product designs which has scarce capacity of scaling-up and less focus from strategic investors in the tide of entrepreneurship and innovation. The fund builds a product incubation platform to connect collaborative partner resources, and provides full-fledged supply chain and advanced management model, to facilitate product scaling-up, marketization and standardized operation for excellent design, thus promoting the prosperity of the real economy at large.