DeTao Group Chairman George Lee and Senior Management Root for End-of-Semester Exhibition

2018-01-12 15:15:47

DeTao Group Chairman George Lee and Senior Management Root for End-of-Semester ExhibitionDeTao Group Chairman George Lee (R) listening to master Haim Dotan, course leader of SIVA·DeTao Advanced Class - Environment Design Class (Ecological Architecture Design), introducing the end-of-semester student-work exhibition
The exhibition of Environment Design Class (Ecological Architecture Design) on 9 January 2018 kicked off the first end-of-semester work display of SIVA·DeTao Advanced Class of the academic year 2017-2018. George Lee, DeTao Group Chairman and chief designer of the master education model, was joined by senior management of the group and its subsidiaries on a visit to the DeTao CCIC Building at Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts (SIVA). Haim Dotan, leading master of Environment Design (Ecological Architecture Design) and designer of the renowned Zhangjiajie glass bridge, also attended the exhibition, where he introduced student works to the visiting officials. The all-English graduate-design draft, in particular, impressed the crowd. 

DeTao Group Chairman George Lee visiting the exhibition
Lee reconfirmed the two missions of the group at the exhibition, namely education and innovation. He showed his full confidence in master Dotan and the students of the international masters, who had committed themselves to the pursuit and distribution of education. He hoped the masters would serve as role models for the students and help them learn to observe and associate, which would greatly empower them in their future careers. 

Visiting senior officials and the master pose for photos in front of the work of students of Ecological Architecture Design
To date, first- to third-year students of SIVA·DeTao Advanced Class have all successfully completed their end-of-semester projects and are now exhibiting their works following the supervision of their course leaders and teaching teams. The fourth-year students are also working around the clock to showcase their creations.

SIVA·DeTao Advanced Class, jointly created by SIVA and DeTao Group, has successfully provided professional talent in product design and animation to leading national and international businesses in 2017. Currently, it has close to 1,000 students. The percentage of graduates being employed in their fields of study is an impressive 100. Moreover, the students have partaken in countless competitions and captured awards both at home and abroad, including Doodle4Google, Oxford Global Challenge, National Advertising Art Design Competition for College Students, World Industrial Design and Asian Design Award. Graduates of the first SIVA·DeTao Advanced Class of Animation are the only graduates in China to join the project team of Oriental DreamWorks, a top animation-production company in China. Last but not least, the average pre-tax salaries of the graduates are higher than their counterparts in first-tier cities (Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen) in China. SIVA·DeTao Advanced Class will be celebrating the graduation of students from ten different fields in June 2018, whose achievements are sure to amaze.
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About SIVA·DeTao Advanced Class
SIVA·DeTao Advanced Class, jointly launched by DeTao Masters Academy and Shanghai Institute of Visual Art (SIVA) in 2013, actively explores and innovates internationalised educational models and talent cultivation. The class, supervised by industry-leading masters, adopts the ideals, resources and models of internationalised talent cultivation. The curricula are designed based on the standards of global-advanced design institutes and taught by industry leaders and their international teams, so as to introduce internationally leading art education to creative and talented students while unleashing their potential, and thus ensuring future success. Currently SIVA·DeTao Advanced Class offers the following courses: Product Design (Strategic Design and Innovation), Product Design (Sustainable Furniture Design), Environment Design (Ecological Architecture Design), Environment Design (Themed Environment Design), Visual Communication Design (Brand Identity and Public Space), Animation (Creative Animation), Art and Technology (Interactive Media Art), Fashion and Costume Design (Fashion • Knitwear • Sportswear), Performance (Spanish Classical Guitar, Musical Performance) and Cultural Industry Management (Brand Strategy and Management).