Achievements in State-Level Scientific Research – Innovation and Entrepreneurship College of UCAS and DeTao GIN Sign Agreement for Strategic Collaboration

2018-03-28 13:51:25

On 27 March 2018, Innovation and Entrepreneurship College of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS) and DeTao Global Innovation Network (GIN) formally signed an agreement for strategic collaboration. The parties will integrate resources to achieve mutual gain, whereby flexible collaboration will take place in talent cultivation, resource connection, innovation and entrepreneurship events along with the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. The collaboration between Innovation and Entrepreneurship College of UCAS and DeTao GIN will optimise and complement resources.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship College of UCAS is established in response to the strategic call of the nation for “innovation-driven development” and “public entrepreneurship, mass innovation”. The college is founded on the Opinions on Intensifying the Implementation of Education Reforms in Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Tertiary Education Institutes of the General Office of the State Council and the principle of UCAS to “integrate science and education”. The college has advanced to be among world-class institutions thanks to its comprehensive natural-science curriculum, particularly that of physics, chemistry, materials science, mathematics, environment and ecology, and earth science. Furthermore, the college is supported by the 12 academies of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), over 100 science and research institutes, 2 directly affiliated tertiary institutions (UCAS and University of Science and Technology of China), 1 co-founded tertiary institution (Shanghai Tech University, co-built with Shanghai Municipal People’s Government) and over 130 national-level key laboratories and engineering centres. The college aims to integrate quality social resources and build two platforms: one for the market transformation of scientific-research and innovation achievements of the CAS, and the other for coordinated cross-disciplinary innovative education and industrial incubation.

XIN LIANPU created by DeTao GIN of DeTao Group is an innovative B2B service platform that is the product of wisdom from over 500 international industry experts. The platform boasts specialist resources, online platforms and physical channels. With the development idea of smart innovation, the platform is able to connect global supply chains, innovative products, financial institutions, manufacturers and third-party service agencies. It builds a new-generation energy field to drive industrial innovation and upgrade the capacity of Chinese businesses.

The CAS has over 800 academicians, 300 leading scientists from the National Basic Research Program, 1,000 recipients of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, 68,000 science researchers and 52,000 graduate students. Innovation and Entrepreneurship College of the University of UCAS and DeTao GIN will serve Chinese industrial parks and their businesses, thus vigorously boosting the market competitiveness of Chinese commerce, as the two parties optimise resource allocation through elevated integration of key resources such as design, research and development, production, channels, brands, financing and supply chains.

Both parties signing the agreement for strategic collaboration

Both Dong Jichang, dean of Innovation and Entrepreneurship College, along with George Lee chairman of DeTao Group, delivered speeches at the agreement-signing ceremony and expressed the support for and importance attached to the strategic partnership. Eden Han, vice president of DeTao Group and executive director of DeTao GIN, along with Hu Yi, vice dean of Innovation and Entrepreneurship College, signed the strategic collaboration agreement on behalf of the parties, as witnessed by senior officials from both sides. The agreement paves the way for intense and extensive collaboration in design, education, ecology and management.

Guests from both sides

The strategic collaboration will enhance the total factor productivity, which in turn helps the market transformation of the scientific-research and innovation achievements of the CAS and the innovation and upgrade capacity of businesses. The partnership also marks the resource upgrade of DeTao GIN and its advancement in global resource integration.