“International Collaboration” – Graduate Works of SIVA•DeTao Design Innovations Dazzle Shanghai Fashion Week 2018

2018-04-04 15:19:01

Emerging designers born of a model for the cultivation of innovative international talent debuted at Shanghai Fashion Week 2018 AW. Shanghai Institute of Visual Art (SIVA) and DeTao Masters Academy jointly fostered the Advanced Class - Fashion and Costume Design Class (Fashion•Knitwear•Sportswear) led by international masters over the past four years, whose graduates proudly showcased their works at 800Show, the sub-venue of Shanghai Fashion Week, on 3 April. The works were part of the SIVA graduates’ creations in 2018 and demonstrated the results of “International Collaboration”, a group effort between education and industry. Young graduates joined trendsetters and brands to ignite the fashion fever in Shanghai, including the avant-garde Damir Doma, Latin American-flavoured Gregorio Sanchez and the Mickey Mouse show of Disney.


Graduate works dazzled Shanghai Fashion Week 2018



Shanghai Fashion Week is renowned for its promotion of emerging and independent designers, and enjoys international fame alongside the four major fashion shows of the world, namely Milan, Paris, London and New York. Emerging designers from noted art and design schools in Shanghai such as SIVA, Donghua University and Raffles Design Institute drew attention at Shanghai Fashion Week 2018. Works of graduates of the SIVA•DeTao Advanced Class - Fashion and Costume Design Class (Fashion•Knitwear•Sportswear), created in 2014, shone through with their confidence and strength.



Li Keling, dean of Fashion Design College of SIVA and secretary of General Party Branch, was fully confident in the graduates’ works. Willie Walters, former programme director of fashion at Central Saint Martins of London, expressed her excitement regarding the rapid pace of the show. The graduates showcased the process of their powerful design, including the source of inspiration, silhouette development and the spectacular garments, while their works could be compared to those of students at Central Saint Martins. Fay Fei, human-resources manager at Zara, a flagship store of Inditex, one of the four major fashion retailers in the world, commented how impressed she was to see so many talented young designers. Three members from the design team of the global fashion retailing giant H&M said that the students were extremely creative and their works were ready to be marketed. Furthermore, they looked forward to communicating with the graduates in terms of employment opportunities and guidance.


From left to right: Professor Jane Gottelier, Professor Patrick Gottelier and Dean Li Keling

SIVA•DeTao Advanced Class of Fashion & Apparel Design (Fashion•Knitwear•Sportswear) was co-designed by professors Patrick Gottelier and Jane Gottelier, founders of the largest designer-knitwear brand Artwork in the U.K. at the beginning of the 21st century, professors at SIVA and contracted masters of DeTao. The class upholds the objective of “learning by doing” and encourages diversity, creativity and originality. It is both an exploration and execution of the model for the cultivation of innovative international talent adopted by SIVA and DeTao Masters Academy.

The course is a project-based spiral curriculum, whereby each project lasts between one to ten weeks and covers all techniques, including research methods, design development, drawing (manual and computer-aided design), pattern making, oral presentation and visual demonstration. Students of the Advanced Class received instructions from leaders of the fashion industry from around the globe, including the U.K., Japan, Denmark and China. The most representative is Willie Walters, who attended the graduate show this year, while Angel Chen, who took part in Shanghai Fashion Week in the form of a presentation this year and was invited by the National Chamber for Italian Fashion to launch her autumn and winter collection 2018 at the beginning of the year, is one of the instructors of the course.



Sending emerging Chinese talent onto the international stage

Graduates of the Advanced Class who showcased at Shanghai Fashion Week 2018 chose their own themes and completed their works following a series of comprehensive research projects under the supervision of the international teaching team of Studio Gottelier at DeTao Group, which allowed them to fully demonstrate their strengths as emerging designers. To date, one-fifth of the graduates have been admitted to graduate courses in noted foreign institutes: three have been admitted to the world-leading Royal College of Art in London, one has been admitted to the U.K. number-two Kingston University and two have been respectively admitted to Chelsea College of Arts, a constituent college of the University of the Arts London, and the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia.



Meanwhile, nine other Advanced Classes of SIVA and DeTao Masters Academy will also produce graduates within the coming year in fields such as Product Design, Visual Communication Design, Environment Design, Art & Technology, Animation, Cultural Industry Management and Performance.



SIVA•DeTao Advanced Class will continue to showcase its accomplishments on international stages, which will be of the same calibre as the works of the Advanced Class of Fashion and Costume Design Class (Fashion•Knitwear•Sportswear) that debuted at Shanghai Fashion Week. For example, works of the Advanced Class of Product Design (Sustainable Furniture Design) will be exhibited at the SalonedelMobile.Milano Shanghai 2018. Furthermore, graduates of the SIVA•DeTao Advanced Class will be demonstrating their talent on international platforms such as World Industrial Design Conference, Design Shanghai, International College Film Festival, Annecy International Animated Film Festival, Maker Faire and Oxford Foundry, a new entrepreneurial centre for the University of Oxford.



Foster leading design talent with international innovative education​



The phenomenal achievements of sending graduates onto international stages may be attributed to the tireless exploration and commitment of DeTao Masters Academy and its partners such as SIVA in fostering innovative international talent. The innovative educational model of SIVA•DeTao Advanced Class sees the educational content and services offered by the Academy being recognised for its quality by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation of the U.S., making it the first educational institute in Asia to be certified as the “provider of quality platforms”. In addition, the Research Team of Counsellors’ Office of the State Council of China specifically visited and observed the teaching. The educational model helps major subjects of SIVA join the table of the QS World University Rankings: ranked among the top 100 global universities in terms of the Art and Design subject. Furthermore, the Academy was conferred the Asia Education Summit Award after being listed as a classical case study in comprehensive educational reforms of Shanghai in 2016.



Like the theme of this fashion week “Integration•Origin”, new fashion is becoming more open and tolerant towards different possibilities, and the fast-developing Chinese market offers such internationalised creativity and cross-discipline an open stage. Since its foundation in 2006, the Academy has gathered over 500 internationally leading experts from over three-dozen countries known for their professional experience and academic standing. Among the experts are 47 academicians, 90 professors from leading universities such as Oxford and Harvard, near 100 members of engineering and science academies from around the globe and recipients of over 3,360 top industry awards in 155 categories, including the Red Dot Design Award, the iF gold award, the Oscars and Emmy Awards. The experts included Shunmyo Masuno, a highly esteemed Japanese master of Zen garden; Pan Gongkai, noted artist, designer and educator; Hartmut Esslinger, who designed the Snow White design language of Apple; Haim Dotan, designer of the glass bridge of Zhangjiajie; Roger S. Christiansen, director of American sitcoms Friends and Hannah Montana; and Li Dun, Chinese godfather of musicals. Moreover, the Academy has collaborated with tertiary institutes both at home and abroad to set up a dozen art and design subjects.



DeTao has established its leading position in innovative education and execution in the art and design field following years of exploration and efforts, and has been accordingly recognised by the industry. It now looks forward to joining more partners in building Shanghai as the “capital of design” and “capital of fashion”. The Academy will drive the industry with education and vice versa, so as to better serve the Chinese market.