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Smart Manufacturing


As the ‘largest factory’ worldwide, China plays a key role in manufacturing industry. In recent years, with the great attention paid by central committee of the communist party of China and the state council, China has ever improved its industrial policy on Smart Manufacturing. From “The 12th Five-Year Development Plan for Smart Manufacturing Equipment”to“The 12th Five-Year Plan for Smart Manufacturing Technology Development” to“Made in China 2025” to “The 13th Five-Year Development Plan for The Smart Manufacture”, China has put the development of Smart Manufacturing as its core target, and the Smart Manufacturing has become the main driving force for its manufacturing sector. To respond to the call of the government, and implement the policy documents like “Made in China 2025”, DeTao has viewed the overall environment and developed a huge plan beyond its own sector to promote innovation for all sectors and industries, and has collaborated with global masters to export wisdom, so as to facilitate the upgrade and transformation of manufacturing enterprises to realize leapfrog development.

DeTao platform has congregated over 1000 manufacturing enterprises from aeronautic and astronautic, mechanic equipment, industrial automation, electronic, IT and other industries. In the context of the upgrade and transformation of national manufacturing sector, those enterprises are in an urgent need to settle technical difficulties and mindset barricade, break down challenges as to technology lagging in, sluggish demand, overcapacity, increasing cost, lack of innovation and so on. DeTao has gathered international top-notch experts and scholars from various fields to introduce the latest technology, knowledge and mindset that lead the Smart Manufacturing and Industrialization 4.0 into those enterprises to match the characteristics of Smart Manufacturing in term of cross field, cross industries and systematic integration to help achieve enterprise upgrade and transformation.

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