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Industrial Institute

DeTao has hundreds of industrial masters with amazing networks both home

and abroad. The Industry Institute set up sectors of High-end Professional

Program, and establish institute in the global scope, tailor the Industrial

Competence Certification Program to the outstanding industry elite at home and

abroad, and combined with the China industry demand. Based on the idea of

“Global Configuration”, “Created in China”, “Production-Study-Research”, and “Transformation and Upgrading”, led by industrial masters and their elite teams,

the institute aim to cultivate high-end compound designers with foresighted

strategic mind, excellent management skills and top design capabilities.


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Establish the Global Industrial Institutes Platform

We base in China and radiates all over the world. Connecting with the world leading masters and elites, touching the newest industrial concepts and ideas, it is the meaning of Global Industrial Institutes.

High-end Professional Program

Based on the platform of Global Institutes and according to the teaching concept of “Global Configuration”, “Created in China”, “Production-Study-Research”, and “Transformation and Upgrading”, the high-end professional programs led by industrial masters and their elite teams aim to cultivate high-end compound designers with foresighted strategic mind, excellent management skills and top design capabilities.

Industrial Competence Certification Program

Facilitated by DeTao industrial masters, international industrial experts, as well as Chinese industrial associations, the industrial competence certification committee will set up the industrial certification system and standards, while at the meantime forming the implementation methods and operating processes. With the involvement and promotion of industrial associations, this program contributes to drive market forces to develop certain works such as high-end professional certification, authorization, supervision and inspection.

Our Mission

Traditional industrial institutes and business schools just focus on one professional area, but with the quick changing of the world, the only knowledge can not be success in the professional career, all of us are facing a more complicated world, we do need compound talents, to meet the demand of changing world.


Combining with the industrial expertise and management knowledge make our participators to be a compound talent in the professional field. Helping participators to achieve a new level of professional career.


Our mission is to redefine the industrial institutes and establish new concept of business school.

Our Achievement

By establishing the Global Institute, the CDII (Cida DeTao Innovation Institute) and the CDO (Chief Design Officer) program emerged as time requires.


It creates a network in which the industrial masters, experts as well as the world famous enterprises are connected closely, forming a wonderful platform for participants to learn from, to communicate with and to cooperate with each other. Soaking in the ocean of industrial knowledge, people are gathered to navigate the industrial development and make it happen towards a better direction.

Our Vision and Influence

DeTao brings together the world's leading masters, nurture professional elites. With the platform of DeTao, our vision is to establish several industrial institutes in different areas, now we already established the Cida-DeTao Innovation Institute, and we are going to establish the Movie & TV Institute, Architecture Institute, Green Investment Institute, Energy Institute, Cash Management Institute, Green Food Institute and other industrial institutes facing the demand of China industrial development and innovation.


With the structure of the industrial institutes, our expect students will be over 1000, influencing over 10 industries in the coming 3 years. "East meets West for a bright future together!"