SIVA-DETAO Advanced Class

About the Model of DeTao Innovation of Education

In consequence of the demands gathering from Chinese Students, Universities and the Market, and stem from the syllabus requirements of Chinese Tertiary Education, DeTao established a complete series of professional course systems which covering Academic Education (Undergraduate/Master/Doctor Degree), Industry Training and O2O courses so on and so forth. The courses were significantly leading by international masters whom engaged to collect global innovative curriculum resources.

Our Mission

The mission of DeTao Innovation Education is dedicated to inspire and maxim the creative students’ potential and reach final success through advanced international education. Its aim to collect the industrial wisdom from the world’s leading professional elites. Meanwhile, our vision is to drive the innovation of Chinese Tertiary Education through gathering global wisdom.

What We Do

Facilitated by DeTao industrial masters, international industrial experts, as well as Chinese industrial associations, the industrial competence certification committee will set up the industrial certification system and standards, while at the meantime forming the implementation methods and operating processes. With the involvement and promotion of industrial associations, this program contributes to drive market forces to develop certain works such as high-end professional certification, authorization, supervision and inspection.

Our Achievement

On account of maximum the achievement of ‘SIVA-DETAO Advanced Class’, the curriculums were integrated planning by each Masters whom have plentiful experiences in the leading industry. The masters are responsible for the Students&Teaching Selection, Curriculum Design&Course Content, Teaching Methods&Teaching Facilities, Teacher Evaluation Systems and the overall education qualities controlling. And introduce the course coordinator to assist the teaching team during the whole process. Through Four-year study, the student can attain the level of Master degree generally. The method of project-studying combination, not only cultivate the students’ creativity but also develop the consciousness of managing project operation. The students could prove to be elite by a well-reasoned development afterwards.

‘SIVA-DETAO Advanced Class’ officially kicked off the university enrolment from 2013, the major of Product Design (Strategic Design and Innovation) and Creative Animation were founded at the first place. The first batch of students joined the ‘Advanced Class in September 2013, and after one year’s experience, it has been highly appraised by the students, the students’ family and also the experts and scholars in the education circle home and abroad.

Our Vision and Influence

Based on the success of the first two ‘SIVA-DETAO Advanced Classes’, DeTao and SIVA continue to expand the cooperation mode in 2014, and further open eight other majors, which include Environment Design ((Ecological Architecture Design), Performance (Spanish Classical Guitar), Cultural Industry Management (Brand Strategy and Management), Fashion & Apparel Design (Fashion·Knitwear·Sportswear Design), Art & Technology (Technoetic Arts), Visual Communication Design ( Branding, Identity& Public Space), Environment Design (Themed Environment Design) and also Product Design (Sustainable Furniture Design). 210 freshmen attended the ‘Advanced Class’ in September 2014, and 225 students will be recruited in 2015.

At present, DeTao has more than five hundreds masters whom are devoting themselves to the research and development in term of innovative education. For instance, Professor Soon-In Lee is the DeTao Master of Industrial Design and Management. He is concentrate on the Four-year Undergraduate course design regarding the Industrial Design and UX Service Design. Moreover, the DeTao Master of Urban Systems design – Professor J. Alexander Schmidt who has over 30 years professional experience in the field of city planning and urban design with an

Advanced Classes is now available for the following 10 majors:

  • Creative Animation

  • Performance (Spanish Classical Guitar)

  • Technoetic Arts

  • Product Design (Sustainable Furniture Design)

  • Visual Communication Design ( Branding, Identity& Public Space)

  • Brand Strategy and Management

  • Environment Design (Ecological Architecture Design)

  • Fashion & Apparel Design (FashionŸKnitwearŸSportswear Design)

  • Product Design (Strategic Design and Innovation)

  • Environment Design (Themed Environment Design)