DeTao Knowledge Capital

The study and practice of pattern making and sewing skills contributed to each student’s skill set. Through comprehensive research projects and innovation efforts, originality was achieved, allowing previously conservative ideas to be transformed into innovative and adventurous design methods. Their progress was evident in the presentation and was met with approval by the Professors.

We count with extensive cliental resources and national business networks;

Chinese enterprises meeting DeTao’s selection criteria are eligible to purchase our membership;

Enterprises must meet three strict requirements;

Covering 43 industries within the Chinese market, our business system provides broad collaborative market opportunities and cliental base.

  • Food & Beverage

  • Spirits &Tobacco

  • Medical Equipment

  • Health & Lifestyle

  • IT Equipment

  • Environmental Protection & Water Treatment

  • Financial Services

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Tourism

  • Lighting

  • Furniture

  • Commodities

  • Automobiles

  • Software & Operator

  • Real Estate Development

  • Material Manufacture

  • Energy

  • Transportation

  • Academic Education

  • Non-academic Education

  • Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical

  • Garment Industry

  • Bags & Shoes

  • Arts & Crafts

  • Jewelry

  • Aeronautics & Astronautics

  • Fabric Processing

  • Household Electrical Appliances

  • Electronics

  • Agricultural Services

  • TV &Multimedia

  • Railway, Ship and other Transport Equipment

  • Live Performance

  • Publishing

  • Gaming

  • Chemicals

  • Marine Industry

  • Hospitality & Catering

  • Mining & Oil

  • Architecture & Landscape Design

  • Industrial Design

  • Curating

  • Marketing & Branding

DeTao Partners (DPs) spread across China providing advantageous local support networks for DeTao Masters. Our DPs are well established within their provinces, have rich business resources and connections and are driven to support our Masters to expand their influence in their regions.

Our Knowledge Capital Centers are strategically established in development zones across China as satellite operation bases to provide on-site support to our clients and local governments.

This strategic arrangement enables DeTao to benefit from preferential public policies and enjoy better access to diverse financial resources used for project incubation.

We provide member companies with tailor-made solutions that add value to their business by inputting our Masters resources and exploring innovative business opportunities

Client project support
Explore our Masters’ project proposals, products and/or technologies
Public relations support
Expansion in new and global markets
Consulting and strategic advisory services
Industry-specific consulting services to upgrade business management and product development
Professional workshops
Technical support for major decision-making processes
VI design
Promotional video production and brand animation design
Corporate identity music composing
Product marketing
Help the corporates with the design or their company’s animation images and mascot
Corporate culture and brand story design
Tailor-made training programs