As a knowledge gathering platform based on professional social communications, with core resources including industrial experts both at home and abroad from DeTao Group, and its collaborative partners, GetGrid dedicates in systematically establishing online social circles, i.e. Grids, specialized in detail industrial catalogs, which are relatively independent and interactive as well. Events organized on the basis of the users’ needs and core resources are to attract professional talents and, furthermore, to establish professional talents base and criteria of talents category.With the dedication of forging talent online market and industrial intelligent base in China, GetGrid aims to accumulate talents for the national industry 4.0 strategy and knowledge capital, to set the rules as kick-starters and to realize online knowledge kick-starting.Please go to to know more.

What is the essence of GetGrid?

Professional Talent Pool

Professional Talent pool on GetGrid is formed as grids, i.e. online social circles.

The greatest appeal of a specialized circle is the top professional experts, i.e. the stars of industries. The DeTao Masters are all stars of industries.

In each grid, it includes DeTao Masters, local experts, professionals and university students together with government, enterprises, investment and financing entities and service providers.

How to Categorize

The grids are categorized in 4 dimensions including the Classification of National Economic Industries, the classification of majors in high education, the market response and the industries covered with DeTao Masters.

The systematicness and the priority of grids:

The 1st batch of grids to be launched are systematically related with product innovation under the concept of industry 4.0, from new material, advanced manufacture, design, information technology, business and education, etc. covering the entire field. Effective connections among grids shall be maintained professionally, to be optimized through market tests, and to be prioritized determined by continuous users’ research and study.

Rules of Kick-starting

Real Name Identification;

Online Enrollment;

Online Project Management and Evaluation;

Monitoring Mechanism

Advantages from Grids

A 4-dimension category including:National Economy industries, University Customized, Market acceptability, and industrial coverage of DeTao Masters.

Closely in touch with institutes, associations, capital entities, innovative individuals, kick-starters, medias, top academies and advanced manufacture industries both at home and abroad.

500 DeTao Masters, local industrial experts, coverage of 40 plus industries, 7000 plus collaborative enterprises and institutes.

Years of project operation experience