Digital Publishing and Printing

The boom of the information industry is fueling the digital publishing industry. According to ‘Analytical Report on Business Model and Investment Strategic Planning of China’s Digital Publishing Industry during 2013 and 2017’, the output value of the industry grew from 21.3 billion RMB in 2006 to 193.55 billion RMB in 2012. Mobile publishing, online game and online advertising are the three primary drivers of the digital publishing industry. The development of network technology is giving digital publishing more advantage over traditional publishing industry, which implies more promising prospect. Changes in readers’ reading environment, reading method, and reading demand are increasing the market capacity of digital publishing. Despite the rapid development of China’s digital publishing industry, it still has a far cry from that of the developed world. The industry is lacking in benchmark, technology doesn’t correspond with the content, and IPR of the industry isn’t properly protected. Current practitioners have expertise only in traditional publishing, which can’t meet the demand for new professionals of China’s digital publishing industry. That results in a great gap.

  • Roger Fidler

    DeTao Master of New Media Development

    Prof. Roger Fidler, DeTao Master of New Media Development, is an internationally recognized new media pioneer and visionary. He worked in the newspaper industry for 34 years, and has been actively involved in new media development since 1979.Fidler is best known for his vision of digital newspapers and mobile reading devices, which he conceived and first wrote about in 1981. Since 1987, he has spoken about his vision at numerous conferences and educational programs worldwide. As Director of New Media for Knight-Ridder Inc., he actively pursued development of tablet devices and digital publishing software at the Knight-Ridder Information Design Laboratory, which he founded in 1992 in Boulder, Colorado. His vision is now realized in the form of e-readers, the Apple iPad and similar media tablets.As Program Director for Digital Publishing at the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute (RJI), Fidler coordinates digital publishing research projects and the RJI Digital Publishing Alliance, a member-supported initiative that includes The New York Times, Los Angeles Times and Washington Post. He has been at RJI since 2004 when he was named as the Inaugural Reynolds Journalism Fellow. At the time of his appointment he was a tenured professor of journalism and information design in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Kent State University in Ohio.