Urban Construction & Sustainable Development

Urbanization in China is going on rapidly. From 2002 to 2011, it is going on at an average annual rate of 1.35%. Average annual growth of urban population is 20.96 million. In 2011, the urbanization rate hit 51.27%. However, the accelerating urbanization is somewhat imbalanced in a qualitative and quantitative sense. The sustainable development is hampered by deteriorating urban ecological environment, high resource consumption, traffic congestion, environmental pollution, and water resource crisis. At present, the government is making efforts to optimize the structure, promoting the coordinated regional development and sustainable development of urbanization. It is also promoting green development to build a resource-saving and environment-friendly society.

In response to China’s urbanization and market demand, DeTao has introduced extraordinary resources from both the industry and academic world and has developed cooperation with universities, enterprises and research institutions as an effort to build DeTao Urbanization Construction and Sustainable Development Center. Currently, the Center has brought together over 40 Masters: Professor Tina Hart and Professor Kim Jarrett, architecture Masters, designers of rooftop garden of New Zealand Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo, Professor Kevin L. Erwin, ecology Master, President and Principal Ecologist of Kevin L. Erwin Consulting Ecologist, Inc., Professor Bai-lian Larry Li, Professor of Sustainability at University of California-Riverside, Professor Kirk R. Smith, science Master, Fellow of the US National Academy of Sciences, and Professor Robert Costanza, first and founding Chairman of the International Society for Ecological Economics (ISEE) which first calculated global natural resources. In addition, DeTao will join construction projects in towns of Zhejiang Province and work with Sanya Municipal Government in the construction of Sanya Daxiao Dongtian Scenic Spot. Over the past year, DeTao has established DeTao Institute of Green Investment (IGI) to introduce balance sheet of natural resources and to look into finding financial solutions to China’s environmental problems. DeTao will give full play to the intelligence resources and cluster advantages of Masters, build think tank of high-end professionals, and find comprehensive solutions to construction size, planned layout, function design, industry support, rural and urban coordination, ecology and environmental protection, cultural distinction, and management, in order to make China’s urbanization more sustainable and promote the sound and steady growth of China’s economy.

  • Yutaka Hikosaka

    DeTao Master of Comprehensive Space Creating Architecture

    Prof. Yutaka Hikosaka, the Architectural Producer of Japan’s technologically advanced pavilion at World Expo 2010 Shanghai, is a famous Japanese architect, urbanist, environmental designer, creative director and author. After ten years hard work and travel in the world, he established his own company and provided service for the design, planning, concept work of architecture city and built environment. Then, for many years, he has been teaching in several Universities and taking part in progressive researches and development projects, and engaging in large-scale urban designs. In 2005, he became the Executive Creative Director of Architecture and Exhibition of National Pavilions of Japan in Aich Expo, the creative advisor for the exhibition of the Pavilion in 2008 Zaragoza Expo in Spain, and in 2010, he successfully directed the Pavilion of Japan (cosponsored by Japanese government and leading companies) in Shanghai Expo.

  • Haim Dotan

    DeTao Master Pioneer Ecological Architect & Poet

    Haim Dotan, international architect, urban designer, poet, philosopher, educator and artist. Following a career in Japan and the U.S.A., where he practiced in Manhattan, he established the firm of Haim Dotan Ltd. Architects in 1990 in Tel Aviv. The office focuses on innovative cutting-edge architecture, research and construction, and designs private and public projects in Asia, the Persian Gulf, Africa, Israel & Europe. Haim Dotan is an architectural pioneer in developing construction techniques for residential, commercial, industrial, educational and public institutions. In his projects, Architect Dotan creates a new language in the global architectural landscape. In 2011 Architect Haim Dotan was awarded Architect of the Year by the distinguished Israeli magazine “Economics”. In 2010 Architect Haim Dotan was chosen as “Most Distinguished Architect” by the Israel Association of United Architects. In 2008 Haim Dotan won the Israel Foreign Ministry DBOT tender as the developer, contractor, designer and architect of the Israel Pavilion in EXPO 2010 World Exhibition in Shanghai, China.

  • Tina Hart

    DeTao Master of Landscape Design and Themed Environments

    Prof. Tina Hart was educated first as a graphic designer and then as a teacher, majoring in Maori and Art. Tina brings artistic visualization, research and management skills to the design team Dawnfinder in partnership with Kim Jarrett. Together they co-designed and built the NZ Pavilion Roof-top Garden at the World Trade Expo - Shanghai 2010 and won for New Zealand a Gold Award at London’s Chelsea Flower Show, 2004 with ‘Ora! The Garden of Wellbeing’. Having first worked in landscape design and construction, Tina then became a commissioned artist for domestic and commercial interiors and exteriors, and an art director and illustrator for television. In November 2003, her first solo exhibition of landscape paintings entitled ‘Pathway of the Spirits’ was sold out. Tina was also creative director for the charitable trust Sustaining New Zealand.

  • Kim Jarrett

    DeTao Master of Landscape Design and Themed Environments

    Prof. Kim Jarrett is a successful Landscape ,Themed Environment and Film designer who is renowned throughout New Zealand, and the South Pacific. Kim has won many National and International Design Awards. He and his partner Tina Hart designed NZ Pavilion Roof-top Garden World Trade Expo - Shanghai 2010 which won the Silver award for the Best Themed Category.Kim was the Design Team Leader of a team that won the Gold Medal at the 2004 in Chelsea Flower Show in London In the open outdoor category . In 2004 he won the Supreme Award for International Achievement. He won the Gold Award at Inaugural Ellerslie Flower Show and another ten national Landscape Design Awards. He won four out of five Gold Awards at national N.Z.L.G awards, one Silver Award and one Bronze in 1993.

  • Denis Dessus

    DeTao Master of Social Ecological Architecture

    Prof. Denis Dessus, Architect, is a promoter of "green building". He is the administrator of the National School of Architecture of Lyon since June 2010, and was former Vice-President of the National Council of Architects 2006-2010, then an Expert since 2011. His works include more than one hundred and fifty operations in all sectors of public building: Hospital, Spas, Retirement Homes, Psychiatry, Schools, Social Housing, offices, sports facilities etc. Among which the most famous ones are: Pavilion Rhône-Alpes UBPA World Expo SHANGHAI 2010, National Oscar "Quality City" in 1995. Besides, he is author of numerous articles on urban planning, housing policy and land management, public procurement and architecture in the national and international press, Co-author of the Guide on Architectural Public Procurement and the Selection Board of Architect’s Guide. Recent years, he has been giving training and speech in France, Belgium, Algeria, Austria, Holland and China on sustainable construction and urban planning, public procurement contracts and Private Finance Investment.

  • Ali Rahim

    Detao Master of Architecture Design Innovation

    Architect and Director of Contemporary Architecture Practice, Prof. Rahim has also served as the Studio Hadid Visiting Architecture Professor at the University of Applied Arts [die Angewandte Kunst] Vienna, the Louis I Kahn Visiting Architecture Professor at Yale University and as a Visiting Architecture Professor at Harvard University.Rahim's projects have been published extensively in the international press including the New York Times, International Herald Tribune, Harvard Design Magazine, Domus Italy, Frame Netherlands, Monitor Moscow and Der Spiegel Berlin. Past publications include Architectural Design London, A+U Tokyo, Yale Constructs, Arkiteketen Denmark, Slate, Space China, Architettura Milan.

  • Francois J.V. Valentiny

    DeTao Master of Community Planning and Green Architectural Design

    Prof. François Valentiny studied architecture at the Ecole d’Architecture de Nancy and the University of Applied Arts Vienna. Then he formed a partnership with Hubert Hermann, founding the architects’ office Hermann & Valentiny in Luxembourg and Vienna.In 1997 he founded Hermann & Valentiny et Associés SARL,and in 2002 he founded and published the first Luxembourg architecture magazine Adato. From 2003 to 2007 he was a member of the administration committee of the Fondation de l’Architecture et de l’Ingénierie in Luxembourg and in both 2004 and 2006 he was Luxembourg’s commissioner for the Venice Architecture Biennale. He was made Président of the Fondation de l’Architecture et de l’Ingénierie in Luxembourg for the year 2006/2007 and in 2007 he was awarded the Gold Medal of Honor for Services to the Republic of Austria. In 2008 he was honored for his overall architectural work in the Grand Duchy and abroad and received the Luxembourg Architecture Prize 2007 and in 2009 became a member of the "Academia Scientiarum et Artium Europaea" in Salzburg, Austria.

  • Fernando Brandao

    DeTao Master of Architectural Design

    Prof. Fernando Brandão, the chief designer of Brazil Pavilion at Expo Shanghai,the architect responsible for Brazil's pavilion project, was born in St. Paul, Brazil. He graduated from Santos Architecture and City College in 1985, and became an intern student in Architecture Design Firm in Rio de Janeiro and his thesis got the scholarship of CNPq. Since 1996, Prof. Brandão has established his own studio and obtained the award issued by ADG Brazil graphic designer Association and in 2009 he successfully won the qualification of the chief designer of Brazil Pavilion at Expo Shanghai.

  • Levon Ayrapetov

    DeTao Master of Green Community Planning and Architectural Design

    Prof. Levon Ayrapetov is a famous Russian architect. He and his partner Valeria Preobrazhenskaya co-founded the architectural firm TOTEMENT/PAPER architectural team in Russia in 2006, which has attracted a group of talented architects. Young but with rapid development, the TOTEMENT/PAPER architectural team under his leadership has cut a figure in various design contests in no more than three years after its establishment. Their projects in Russia include the Sports & Health Center, Multifunctional Trade and Business Center, etc. and most of their projects are done by the team independently. As the chief designer, Ayrapetov won the bidding competition against 23 other design institutes in Russia for the chance of Russian pavilion design and finally co-designed Shanghai World Expo 2010 National Pavilion of Russia successfully with his partner Preobrazhenskaya.

  • Matias del Campo

    DeTao Master of Architecture, Computational Design & Ecology

    Matias del Campo studied architecture at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, Austria, where he finished his studies with distinction. Together with Sandra Manninger he founded the Architecture Office SPAN in 2003. Apart from his role as founder and principal of SPAN, his academic qualifications include an appointment as visiting Professor at the DIA, Dessau Institute of Architecture (Dessau, Germany), the ESARQ, Universitat Internacional de Catalunya, in Barcelona, Spain and a lecturer position at the University of Pennsylvania, UPenn, USA. In 2008 and 2010 he served as curator for the ABB, Architecture Biennale Beijing. His main projects include: The Austrian pavilion at EXPO Shanghai 2010; The Microblur project, commissioned by Microsoft Austria and The Austrian Winery Boom, exhibition design for ACF, New York, commissioned by the Architecture Center Vienna.

  • Sandra Manninger

    DeTao Master of Architecture, Emergent Technologies & Environmental Design

    Sandra Manninger studied architecture at the Vienna University of Technology (A) / 2006 Research visit in Los Angeles (USA), Schindler Scholarship, MAK Artists and Architects-in-Residence Program/ Guest Professor at the Dessau Institute of Architecture (D) and Guest Professor at the ESARQ, Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (E). 2012 Sandra Manninger was appointed as Guest Professor for architecture design at the Dessau Institute of Architecture, at the Bauhaus.

  • Charles Landry

    DeTao Master of International Urban Creativity

    Charles Landry coined the term the ‘creative city’ in the late 1980’s in response to the dramatic economic and social changes happening at that time. He argues that in such changing circumstances creativity at every level is required to address and adapt appropriately. He suggests that conditions need to be created for people to think, plan and act with imagination in harnessing opportunities or addressing seemingly intractable urban problems. This means a city needs to embed a culture of creativity in the way it operates and to infuse how all of its organizations function. Initially, there was a focus on the contribution of the arts and the creative industries in driving innovation in cities and helping to make them distinctive. Increasingly, he has emphasized how the organizational culture needs to change to unleash the potential, resources and assets of a city as the traditional hierarchical structures restrict ideas and rethinking.

  • Yoshiki Toda

    DeTao Master of Landscape Design

    Yoshiki Toda was born in Onomichi, Hiroshima and known as one of Japan’s three best contemporary landscape designers. His company, Landscape & Architect Co., Ltd, is still progressing by collaborating with different professionals. Besides aiming at achieving “Integrated Landscape”, namely to develop comprehensive strategies by integrating the wisdom, knowledge and techniques from professionals of landscape architecture, architecture and civil engineering to solve various issues, Yoshiki Toda Landscape & Architect Co., Ltd is also a company with corporate social responsibility, who care about the social and environmental concerns. Nowadays, Yoshiki Toda’s team is moving forward to achieve greater success with collaboration of professionals from different fields.

  • Arne Kvorning

    DeTao Master of International Exhibition Design, Industrial Design, Graphic Design and and Communication

    Prof. Arne Kvorning is a Danish architect and exhibition designer, founder, owner and director of Copenhagen-based Kvorning Design & Communication. Kvorning graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture in 1986. After that, he worked four years as a senior designer at Tøgern og Ebert. His way into exhibition design came at the Bella Center in Copenhagen, Denmark's premier exhibition and congress venue, where he worked from 1990 to 1991. In 1992 he founded Kvorning Design & Communication: an all-around design practice specializing in exhibition design, graphic communication and interior design. Since then he has created exhibitions in more than 40 countries, including Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Greenland, England, Germany, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Republic of Lithuania, Ukraine, Slovakia, Rumania, Hungary, Brazil, America, China, Japan, Korea and Australia. Two of his most recent famous pieces are the ‘Spining Wheel’ Pavilion Odense UBPA World Expo SHANGHAI CHINA 2010 – and ‘Operation Dynamo – Rescue from Dunkirk’ at Dover Castle in England.

  • Pete! Ford

    DeTao Master of Creative Theme Development

    Prof. Pete! Ford, is the Creative Director and partner at Melbourne based ThinkOTS, official designer of the Australian Pavilion, 2005, 2010 and 2012. He was creative designer and creative director for six different events of World Expos. His work has won many prizes of World Expos and other exhibits and media productions. He is also a feature film producer in Australia.

  • Joseph Sy

    DeTao Master of Lighting and Space Planning

    Prof. Joseph Sy is the DeTao Master of Lighting and Space Planning and Director and Chief Designer of Joseph Sy & Associate Ltd. He was honoured with the Andrew Martin International Interior Designer of the Year Award in the UK every year from 1999 to 2007. This is an award which is considered the Oscar in the field of interior design. Since he founded Joseph Sy & Associate Ltd. in 1988, he’s won over sixty big awards including HKDA Awards, Asia Pacific Interior Design Awards and Chartered Society of Designers Awards (Biennial) in Hong Kong, the Asia Pacific region, the United Kingdom, Japan, and so on. His great intelligence in the lighting and interior design has achieved international recognition.

  • Reiko Chikada

    DeTao Master of Lighting

    Prof. Reiko Chikada is a lighting designer, representative director, Reiko Chikada Lighting Design Inc. She was born in Saitama, Japan. She received Bachelor of Fine Arts from Tokyo University of the Arts in 1970, and established Reiko Chikada Lighting Design Inc. in 1986. In May 2012, Prof. Reiko Chikada joined DeTao Masters Academy as a Lighting Master.

  • Shunmyo Masuno

    DeTao Master of Garden Making

    Shunmyo Masuno is one of the greatest landscape designers of Japan, a key figure of the modern Japanese rock garden art. He is professor of Tama Art University, founder of Japan Landscape Consultants Ltd., Zen priest and the 18th generation of Head Priest of Kenko-ji Temple. He ranked among the 100 most honored Japanese celebrities by the Time magazine. He won the National Merit Award conferred by the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects, and the National Grand Prize by the Japanese Institute of Landscape Architecture.

  • Marcelo Joulia

    DeTao Master of Architecture and Interior Design

    Prof. Marcelo Joulia is the founder and design director of Naço Architecture and Architect D.P.L.G. He registered to be Architecture and Urban Planner in early 1990s and has since won international awards such as Venice Biennale of Architecture Design Award, New York Interior Design Golden Award and Amsterdam European Design First Prize. In 1999, he was rewarded by French Ministry of Culture the “Ordre des Arts et des Lettres”, which enjoys high reputation in Literature and Art Sector. Since the creation of Naco in 1991, Naco opened a Studio in Buenos Aires for all Latin America in 2008 and a Shanghai Studio in 2005. Reference customers include Cité Numérique, Pathé Multiplex, Fnac, Accor Group, Wanda Cinema, Armani, JW Thompson, Kookai, Le Shop, Adidas, France Telecom, Chivas, Cote Cinema, Virgin, Kleslo, Gallery Lafayette, dbh, Giada, Pernod Ricard, Club Med. In March 1st, Prof. Marcelo Joulia joined DeTao Masters Academy as a DeTao Master of Architectural design.

  • Chuck Trevisan

    DeTao Master of Community Art and Architecture Design

    Chuck Trevisan is well known as the master architect for the development of communities, retail, homes, multifamily and office buildings in the city of Irvine, California. As Vice President at the Irvine Company, he has successfully led and coordinated design professionals in the completion of a number of master planned communities which included the building of housing, offices, neighborhood and regional shopping centers. His projects include the Tustin Market Place, the Spectrum Shopping Center, Fashion Island Center and the Orchard Center. Communities of Northpark, Oak Creek and Newport Coast, to name a few, have all benefited from his vision in architecture. Strengths include strong leadership and presentation skills, listening to and integrating various disciplines, and the ability to draw or direct solutions to solve conflicting issues.

  • Suzanne Déoux

    DeTao Master of Environmental Health

    Prof. Suzanne Déoux is a Doctor of Medicine who was specialized in the oto-rhino-laryngology, teaching in the University of Angers, she has created postgraduate courses of Risques en santé de l'environnement bâti RISEB ( Risks of Health in the Built Environment ) for ISSBA of University of Angers, France. President of the Building Health Plus Association in Angers, since 2011, she has organised a national seminar “The challenges Building Health” (www.defisbatimentsante.fr) which unites the public power, the deciders and the actors of the building and the health. Since founding the company Medieco (1986), with a core business centred on the relationship between buildings and well-being, she has focused her research on dealing with health risks in the built environment. In addition, she has published several books: Ecology, it’s Health (1993), Habitat Quality is a Key to Heath (1997), A Guide to Healthy Living (2002), second edition 2004), Building for Children’s Health (2010), Building, health, the tour of branches (2011)in collaboration with Claire-Sophie Coeudevez. In June 2013, Prof. Suzanne Deoux joined DeTao Masters Academy as the DeTao Environmental Health Master.

  • Marco Piva

    DeTao Master of Architecture Art Design

    Marco Piva, one of the best known Italian architects, interior designers and product designers, works in the fields of master planning, architecture, interior design and industrial design. Activities vary from large scale structures dedicated to residential and tourist functions, interior design up to the design of particular products for the residential as well as public areas.

  • Junfeng (Jim) Zhang

    DeTao Master of Environment and Health

    Prof. Junfeng (Jim) Zhang joined the Duke Faculty in fall 2013 from the University of Southern California where he had been a professor of environmental and global health and the director of Environmental and Biomarkers Analysis Laboratory since 2010. His prior positions include professor, department chair, and associate dean at the Rutgers School of Public Health. Prof. Zhang has more than 140 peer-reviewed publications. His work has been featured in major international media such as the Time, the New York Times, BBC, ABC, CBS, Yahoo News, etc. His early work on characterizing sources of non-methane greenhouse gases made him one of the officially recognized contributor to the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize awarded to IPCC. He is the 2012 recipient of the Jeremy Wesolowski Award, the highest award of the International Society of Exposure Science. He also received a Distinguished Alumni Award from the Rutgers Graduate School.

  • J. Alexander Schmidt

    DeTao Master of Urban Systems Design

    J. Alexander Schmidt has been the head of the Institute of City Planning and Urban design since 1998. The Institute is part of one of the 10 largest German universities and places great emphasis on the major City Planning and Urban Design. His background is over 30 years professional experience in the field of city planning and urban design with an interdisciplinary emphasis both in consulting and research. Foci of his work are phenomena of urban change and urban development as interdisciplinary challenge. The clients who commission projects and basic as well as applied research include municipal administrative bodies within the Federal Republic of Germany, regional associations, private foundations, national redevelopment agencies and a number of state and federal ministries within Germany. Dr. Schmidt provides advisory-consulting services internationally, with contacts stretching across Europe and as far as China, Japan and Chile. Combining both research as well as professional planning work ensures that all planning undertaken at the Institute is part of theUrban Systems Research and follows an applied integrated research approach. In January 2013, Prof. J. Alexander Schmidt joined DeTao Masters Academy as a DeTao Urban Systems Design master.

  • Wong Ming Hung

    DeTao Master of Environmental Health and Environmental Remediation

    Professor Ming-Hung Wong has published 530 SCI papers and 32 book chapters, edited 25 books/special issues of scientific journals, and has successfully filed 4 patents. Professor Wong is currently the most cited Chinese scientist according to ISI Web of Knowledge in the area of Environmental Science and Ecology, and has been ranked first in the same area among the top 20 most influential Chinese scientists in the world based on paper citation frequency and the H-index (June 1990 – July 2009).

  • Manfred Kohler

    DeTao Master of Roof Greening

    Manfred Köhler graduated from Technical University of Berlin, majoring in landscape design and landscape ecology. Then he worked under the father of the German green roof research professor Bornkamm.

    In the 1980s, his work is mainly in the "urban nature", he found green roof is a good opportunity to make more buildings, especially residents of apartments, perfect for the green area of the city of Berlin, so he started doing various experiments to test green roofs on urban climate, water storage, as well as other aspects of biodiversity impact. In 1993, he published his first book, "Fassaden-und Dachbegrunung" an early overview about the ecological effects and the plant selection in connection with “green infrastructure”, and have published now more than 150 papers most about green roofs, and bio-wall technology relevant scientific papers.

  • Florian Betzler

    DeTao Master of Green Building Improvement

    Florian has started his professional career with a German Diploma in architecture at the University of Applied Science in Hamburg, Germany; followed by a three year work period oversees which took place at Thompson, Ventulett & Stainback architects in Atlanta GA., USA. After returning to Germany Florian took over the family architecture business which was founded by his father in 1957, and lately in 2012 he founded Betzler Development GmbH & Co.KG, Hamburg. Furthermore, Florian acquired qualifications in the field of architecture and development for private estates and retail buildings, with a focus on commercial real estate and restorations.

  • L.Hunter Lovins

    DeTao Master of Regenerative Economy

    Prof. L. Hunter Lovins is founder and president of Natural Capitalism Solutions, and Professor of Sustainable Management at Bainbridge Graduate Institute and Bard MBA. She has co-authored 14 books and hundreds of articles. The best-known Natural Capitalism has been translated into 35 languages. She has served an advisor to the Energy Minister of the government of Afghanistan, governments from New Zealand to Bhutan, Chile to Germany, and consulted for such companies as Walmart, Royal Dutch Shell and Unilever. She has spoken at hundreds of conferences from the World Economic Forum and the World Summit on Sustainable Development, to Worldesign, and Fortune Brainstorm. She has testified before Parliaments and the US Congress, and briefed numerous heads of state and local leaders. Named a Millennium Hero of the Planet by Time Magazine, the Green Business Icon by Newsweek, and EcoRockstar by Origin Magazine, she has received the Right Livelihood Award (alternative Nobel), the Leadership in Business Award, National Environmental Hall of Fame Award and Sustainability Pioneer Award (the sustainability Nobel) given by the European financial community. She is a full member of the Club of Rome, and mentor for the Unreasonable Institute.

  • Markus Heinsdorff

    DeTao Master of Green Building Design

    Prof. Heinsdorff is an internationally operating installation artist. His focus is on sustainable design in architecture and art, space and nature. In various works in China, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Ecuador, Brazil, USA, South Africa and numerous European countries he realized projects, installations and exhibitions - also in relation to the UNESCO Aschberg program, the Goethe-Institut, the Bavarian Government and the German Foreign Office. In most countries he develops on-site projects involving local conditions and materials on topics like recycling and sustainability. This also applies for the various pavilion constructions that were realized as art buildings and mobile spaces for the presentation of Germany in China (2007-2010) and India (2012–2013). In this framework he created the German-Chinese house at the Expo Shanghai 2010. His Expo house and the 22 further pavilions are one of the few modern and self-supporting constructions in the world made of the nature material bamboo in combination of natural cane and laminates and special new joining. In continuation of the realized mobile spaces and pavilions new creative and technical ideas for environmentally friendly projects emerged, i.e. experimental buildings made of recycling materials, low-cost solutions and the use of bamboo as a high-tech material. Besides his art and architecture projects and experiences with bamboo and fabric, his work is dedicated to the element water.

  • Kevin Lee Erwin

    DeTao Master of Ecological Restoration

    Professor Erwin is a well-known and highly respected ecosystem ecologist who has pioneered the field of wetland and watershed restoration over the last four decades by actually designing and implementing projects in addition to teaching and consulting. Over the past 40 years Professor Erwin has developed an impressive portfolio of hundreds of wetland and biodiversity projects for clients in the public and private sectors on every continent except Antarctica. He designed and completed the first large-scale restoration projects and the earliest mitigation banks in the US and has changed the way we think of restoring and managing damaged landscapes. His consulting firm, Kevin Erwin Consulting Ecologist, Inc., which he founded in 1980, is one of the oldest, most prestigious international environmental consulting firms in the world. His professional network is expansive, and it is from these colleagues and friends that he forms project teams.

  • George Zhao

    DeTao Master of Nanomaterials for Clean Energy and Water Purification

    George Zhao is a professor of Chemical Engineering at The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia. His research focuses on nanoporous materials for applications in energy storage, water purification, heterogeneous catalysis, and photonics. He leads a research program on clean energy and water research at The University of Queensland, solving problems of focusing on the research of water purification.

  • Peter A. Victor

    DeTao Master of Environment and Ecological Economics

    Peter A. Victor is a Professor and former Dean (1996-2001) in the Faculty of Environmental Studies at York University, chair of the Ontario Greenbelt Advisory Council and a member of: the Board of the David Suzuki Foundation, the Advisory Committee on the National Accounts for Statistics Canada, the TruCost Advisory Panel and the Club of Rome. Professor Victor was the first economist to apply the physical law of the conservation of matter to the empirical analysis of a national economy and has worked on environmental issues for 40 years as an academic, public servant and consultant. He received the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal and Delta Management Clean 16 Award (Education) in 2012, Canada Council for the Arts Molson Prize for Social Sciences and Humanities in 2011 for his contribution to ecological economies and the Vice-Chancellor's Prize from University of Birmingham in 1967. Professor Victor became the First Lifetime Member of the International Association of Environmental Testing Laboratories (Ontario) in 1996.

  • Paul F. Downton

    DeTao Master of Ecological Urban Design

    Prof. Paul F. Downton is “one of the icons of sustainable development in Australia”. Founder of Urban Ecology Australia, he is an independent architect, researcher and PhD examiner, an early leader in regenerative and restorative architecture and a driver of the international eco-cities movement. He is architect and co-initiator of Christie Walk and author of Ecopolis: Architecture and cities for a changing climate. As a leading theorist and practitioner of eco-city planning, his awards include Australian National Winner of Energy Globe Award 2009 for Christie Walk EcoCity Project, finalist for the World Habitat Award in 2005, Silver Prize winner of the 2006 Ryutaro Hashimoto APFED Awards and 2013 winner of the Tehran International Award. His Christie Walk development is widely published as an exemplar of sustainable urbanism and earned him the title of “neighbourhood pioneer” from leading US architect Ross Chapin. His wide practice experience includes public and private sector housing in Britain, Australia and New Zealand, and consulting to the Chinese Academy of Sciences. He is a Board Member of IntEcopolis, Stewardship Council Member of IEFS (International Ecocity Framework & Standards), and a Katerva Expert Panel Member. Prof. Downton maintains his practice from the beautiful seaside suburb of Semaphore, in South Australia, whilst continuing to work with private and public institutions in China in pursuit of the goal of ecological civilisation.

  • Jeffrey McDonnell

    DeTao Master of Global Water Security

    Prof. Jeffrey McDonnell is Professor of Hydrology at the University of Saskatchewan’s School of Environment and Sustainability, Associate Director at Global Institute for Water Security. He also holds concurrent appointments as 6th Century Chair in Hydrology at the University of Aberdeen, Distinguished Professor of Hydrology (adjunct) at Oregon State University and Honorary Professor at the Nanjing Hydraulic Research Institute. He is a Fellow of American Geophysical Union, the Geological Society of America and the International Water Academy.

  • George Christakos

    DeTao Master of Environmental Health

    Prof. George Christakos is an S.M. Birch Endowed Chair Distinguished Professor at the San Diego State University, San Diego, California, USA; National Distinguished Professor and Yongqian Chair Professor at Zhejiang University, China; and Editor-in-Chief of Journal of j. Stochastic Environmental Research & Risk Assessment. Professor Christakos won the 1000-Leading Experts Award, Ministry of Human Resources, China; the 2007 Award of the Chinese Ministry of Education for Program of “Internationally Renowned Scholars” Award, and the President’s Prize from International Association of Mathematical Geology in 1991. Meanwhile, he has published 9 books and more than 120 articles in scientific journals, and his group has developed such public domain software as the worldwide used SEKS-GUI (Spatiotemporal Epistematics Knowledge Synthesis-Graphic User Interface), BMElib (Bayesian Maximum Entropy), and SANlib (Stochastic Analysis library).

  • Max Dohmann

    DeTao Master of Technology and Management for Water Supply, Sewerage, Sewage Treatment and Waste Treatment

    Prof. Dohmann is the previous professor and director of Urban Water Resource Research Institute of Aachen University of Technology. He was member of the governing board of the International Water Quality Association and as well of the new International Water Association. Prof. Dohmann is the winner of the Cross of Merit (first class) granted by the president of the Federal Republic of Germany and the honorary professor of Sichuan University in China.

  • Jeppe Aagaard Andersen

    DeTao Master of Landscape Architecture & Architecture Design

    Prof. Jeppe Aagaard Andersen is a Danish landscape architect and a free artist. He is member of Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art, and has been chairman of the International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA) Central Region and once vice president of IFLA world level. He also acted as chairman of Danish Magazine Landskab. Since 1987 he has run Jeppe Aagaard Andersen Landscape Architects, and he has acute sense of space and shape, and sense of nature.

  • Robert Percival

    DeTao Master of Environmental Law

    Robert Percival is internationally recognized as a leading scholar in environmental law. For more than two decades he has been the principal author of the country's most widely used casebook in environmental law, Environmental Regulation: Law, Science & Policy, now in its seventh edition.

  • Sridhar Komarneni

    DeTao Master of Clay Mineralogy & New Materials

    Prof. Sridhar Komarneni is Distinguished Professor of Clay Mineralogy at the Pennsylvania State University (PSU). He has been the founder & Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Porous Materials since 1994, and was former president of the International Solvothermal Hydrothermal Association, 2010-2012. He has 10 patents, more than 550 publications with 5 in Nature and 3 in Science, totally cited more than 11261, and is recognized as one of the highly cited researcher in the materials field by ISI. In recognition of his achievements, he has been honored with multiple titles, including American Association for the Advancement of Science Fellow (1991), Royal Society of Chemistry Fellow (2002), American Ceramic Society Fellow (1993), American Society of Agronomy Fellow (1995), Soil Science Society of America Fellow (1994), election to European Academy of Sciences (2002) & World Academy of Ceramics (2004) and Distinguished Member of the Clay Minerals Society.

  • Bai-Lian Larry Li

    DeTao Master of Ecology

    B. Larry Li is Professor of Ecology and Directors of International Center for Ecology, and Sustainability, International Center for Arid Land Ecology, and U.S. Department of Agriculture-China MOST Joint Research Center for AgroEcology and Sustainability at University of California-Riverside with a broad interdisciplinary background and experience in mathematical, statistical and computational modeling applications in ecological and environmental studies, and sustainability sciences. He published more than 200 refereed journal articles (including in Nature, Science and PNAS), 30 book chapters and proceedings papers, and 8 books or edited special issues. Among his many honors and awards, he was elected to be Honorary Professor of Scientific Council, Russian Academy of Sciences (2005), IHE Fellow (1988), AAAS Fellow (2006), and “French University Professor” (2006). He is also Founding Editor-in-Chief of two international journals: Ecological Complexity (Elsevier) and Journal of Arid Land (Springer). He chaired and co-chaired the successful Beijing Eco Summit 2007 and Eco Summit 2012, Columbus, Ohio. He now presides EcoSummit Foundation.

  • Robert G. Eccles

    DeTao Master of Sustainable Strategies

    Prof. Robert G. Eccles is the Founding Chairman of the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB), a Member of the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC), was made an Honorary Fellow (one of nine receiving this award since 1999) of The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) in 2013, a Professor of Management Practice at Harvard Business School (joined the faculty in 1979 and received tenure in 1989), and a visiting lecturer at the Sloan School of Management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology teaching courses on sustainability. His research interests cover sustainable corporate strategies, sustainable urbanization, and integrated reporting. Professor Eccles is one of the leading experts on integrated reporting, standard setting for nonfinancial information, and sustainability. In 2011 he was selected as one of the 2010’s Top 100 Thought Leaders in Trustworthy Business Behavior for his extensive, positive contribution to building trust in business. The book, One Report: Integrated Reporting for a Sustainable Strategy, he wrote with Michael P. Krzus is the first book on corporate reporting, and won the 2010 PROSE Award for Professional and Scholarly Excellence in the Business, Finance & Management category. His most recent book is The Integrated Reporting Movement: Meaning, Momentum, Motives, and Materiality with Michael P. Krzus and Sydney Ribot, was published in 2014. It is currently being translated into Chinese.