Film, Cartoon, Comics and Game

China’s animation and game market is characterized by high demand, high output, low quality and small team of professionals. According to statistics, there are at least 500 million animation consumers in China, with 100 billion RMB market potential every year. Despite several hundred thousand minutes of animation production every year, the quality and output value are still dwarfed by the productions of the developed world. According to the 2012 China Game Industry Report, there would be a gap of several million people in China’s animation game and related industries in the coming decade. Lack of professionals is significantly bottlenecking the industry. As China’s animation game industry is still in its infancy, it’s hard to find large numbers of professionals with much experience and hard for ambitious practitioners to find suitable teachers. In response to the current development dynamics, DeTao has established Cinematic and Animation Game Center to introduce Chinese and international Masters in movie, TV, animation, and game design. They are expected to improve the quality and competence of China’s cinematic, animation, game industries as well as the industrial chain.

  • Robin King

    DeTao Master of Animation and Digital Industry

    Prof. Robin King, DeTao Master of Animation & Creative Contents, is a world’s renowned authority on animation education and digital animation industry. Previously, he has consulted, designed and supervised the development of a number of ground-breaking digital media facilities such as the Living Arts Centre (Toronto), the Sheridan Centre for Animation and Emerging Technologies (Toronto), the Digital Content Institute (Taipei), and he advised Centro Digital Pictures on the development of the Digital Media Centre at Cyberport (Hong Kong). Over the past 20 years, he has consulted for government and educational institutions in North America, Portugal, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan and China. He has worked extensively for three years on Taiwan’s initiatives in digital content development. In 2001, he won the LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD from the Canadian New Media Awards Academy.

  • Robert McKee

    DeTao master of Scriptwriting

    Prof. Robert McKee is the most widely known and respected screenwriting lecturer today. His book Story: Substance, Structure, Style and the Principles of Screenwriting has become required reading in the cinema schools of universities across the world from Harvard, Yale, UCLA, and USC in the United States to academies in Paris, London, Munich, and Rome. The book spent 20 weeks on the Los Angeles Times best-seller list, has been translated into more than 23 languages and has been called the “Bible for Screenwriting.” In the year 2000, Prof. McKee was recognized for his work and won the International Moving Image Book Award.

  • Makoto Ogino

    DeTao Master of Manga

    Makoto Ogino is a Japanese manga artist. A dropout of Nagoya University, he is famous for his work Kujaku-Oh (Peacock King). He is Honorary Professor of the Shanghai Institute of Visual Art of Fudan University. His famous mangas include: Peacock King (Kujaku-Ou), which is Ogino's first manga, and also considered to be his best work; ALGO! , which is set in a cyber computer world, stories are similar to Peacock King; Kujaku-Ou Taimaseiden, a sequel of Original Peacock King; Mao; Yasha Garasu; Chairudo and The Gun Spirit. Besides Makoto Ogino is also a well-known character-designer in computer games, and his works entered the top ten popular games in America.

  • Mitsuru Kaneko

    Detao Master of Digital Animation and Analysis

    Mitsuru Kaneko is known as the father of computer graphic production in Japan by having established one of the first generation of commercial CG productions JCGL in 1978. Author of 3 books of the Golden rule series, “Scenario (script) writing”, “Character making” and “Mise-en-scene setting” published by Born Digital, he has introduced a new concept of logical planning and production manners to visual content industry in Japan. His professorship still continues at Creative Lab., Tokyo University of Technology (TUT), He has also been conducting ”Visual Content Production and Activation” seminars sponsored by Visual Industry Promotion Organization (VIPO) and Computer Graphic Arts Society (CG-ARTS) for 3 years for the professional creators. His research and development projects emphasizing visual content analysis are backed by Kunio Kondo and Koji Mikami of TUT, Naohisa Ohta of Keio Univ., and Richard Weinberg of USC. Nearly 50 years’ experience on production and training both in Japan and the USA has made these R & D projects unique and well accepted among digital-visual content creators.

  • Paul John Griffin

    Detao Master of Animation and Digital Creature Effects

    Working in animation is a lot of fun. I enjoy the opportunities afforded by storytelling using a medium in which you can do anything. The possibilities are endless -- and it’s the most amazing thing to me that I get to do this as my job. Animators are great to work with and clients really do want the best work you can bring them. I've been working in animation for over 25 years now and have enjoyed the experience of providing direction of character performance for TV and feature film animation. Every project brings opportunities to work with new people and learn something fresh about the craft of animation. My goal is to seek out new opportunities in directing animation for long form projects. I’ve been employed as a director, producer, executive producer, animation director, visual effects supervisor and as an animator. I enjoyed working on the visual effects for the first two Star Wars prequels, as well as Star Wars: Bounty Hunter cinematic sequences for the game by LucasArts. I was responsible for supervising all droid animation from the middle to the end of Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones including battle scenes and animation for much of the Gungan parade at the end of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. Some other notable work includes the “Dino valley” sequence in Jurassic Park III, many sequences in The Mummy Returns, some animated shots in The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, visual development for King Kong (2005), and extensive facial animation in the Academy Award winning film, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Recently I helped supervise animation in Happy Feet Two in Sydney Australia, and previously had set up the animation department for District 9, as well as having worked on many other projects over the years.

  • Robert Munroe

    DeTao Master of Movie Visual Effects

    Bob Munroe, co-founder and CEO of C.O.R.E. Digital Pictures, has over 20 years of experience in film and television industry. In 1994, Bob founded C.O.R.E. Digital Pictures with his partner John Mariella, Kyle Menzies and William Shatner. His leadership helped make the Toronto-based company a world class creator of digital visual effects and animation, successfully building four divisions: C.O.R.E. Visual Effects, C.O.R.E. Toons, C.O.R.E. Feature Animation and C.O.R.E. Film Productions. For the past three years Bob has produced the visual effects and directed second unit in Ireland for Showtime’s dramatic series The Tudors. Recently, Bob supervised the visual effects and directed second unit on Vincenzo Natali’s feature film, Splice, for Copperheart Entertainment and Gaumont. Bob is immediate past chairman of the board of directors of the Canadian Film Centre and is a member of the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television and The Director’s Guild of Canada.

  • Dan Hopen

    DeTao Master of Digital Art Creation

    Sheridan Graduate from 1984, Professor Daniel Hopen has successfully produced animation and visual effects in New York since his early years at the renowned NYIT Computer Graphics Lab. He later went on to produce work for Armani, Calvin Klein, Sting and many other top tier clients. During this time he co-founded a digital media and effects company, which would ultimately become Great Big TV. Other related production has included software for Gtech, as well as a prototypical navigational application for Barry Diller and IAC. Among his accomplishments was the creation of the first virtual-studio production to win an Emmy for a major network primetime show. Trained as a classical animator at the internationally acclaimed Sheridan College, Professor Daniel Hopen brings a hands-on animator’s feel to the varied visual styles inherent in today’s ever-changing production environment. Whether his clients require image related software, 2D, 3D, virtual studio, motion-graphics or any other imagery – Hopen and his creative team’s experience will be sure to deliver results.

  • Ed Hooks

    DeTao Master of Acting for Animators

    Professor Ed Hooks, DeTao Master of Screenwriting and Performance Art Education remains in high demand as a guest lecturer all over the World. As a theatre professional for three decades, he pioneered acting training specifically for animators instead of stage actors. His book “Acting for Animators” is a customary text for students throughout animation schools all over the world.

  • Sing Choong Foo

    DeTao Master of Movie Special Effects

    As an internationally acclaimed master in visual effects and animation production, Mr. Sing-Choong Foo was involved in many famous movie productions like Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale, East Wind Rain, and Sophie’s Revenge, etc. He received the Golden Horse Award for Best Visual Effects in 2006 for the film Silk and was nominated for the Hong Kong Film Award in 2011 for his more recent work Reign of Assassins. He has also contributed to the production of Spiderman 2, a Hollywood blockbuster that won an Oscar for the Best Visual Effects category. He is currently producing Where’s the Dragon, a stereoscopic 3D feature animation to be released at the end of 2012. He is now a master of Beijing DeTao Masters Academy, and has opened the De Tao Sing Choong Foo Visual Effects Studio in 2010 in Shanghai.

  • Nathan Wang

    DeTao Master of Movie Music

    Nathan Wang is a music composer and director and is one of the most successful composers in Hollywood and Asian cinema. Prolific and versatile, he has written music for Jackie Chan movies, Steven Spielberg documentaries, animated cartoons, opera, symphonies and more. He is the winner of the Cable Ace award for the soundtrack to the documentary The Lost Children of Berlin. Collaboration with Hans Zimmer on the music for “The Last Days” won an Academy Award for best documentary in 1999. He was also commissioned to write an opera for Los Angeles Opera, spearheaded by Artistic Director Placido Domingo in 2000. He also received an Emmy for “Best Arrangement of a Song” for the award winning Showtime show called “Reefer Madness.”Since then, Nathan has been entrenched in television and film, working with wonderful directors as Andy Fickman (“She’s the Man” by Dreamworks, and Disney films “The Game Plan” and “You Again”) and Kevin Murphy (television series “Valentine” and “Hellcats.”)He also composed the acclaimed soundtrack for the aviation film, One Six Right. His recent representative music works include: Inseparable(2011),You Again(2010), Hellcats(2010), The Myth (2005), Sophie's Revenge (2009) (post-production), How to Make Love to a Woman (2009) (post-production) , Van Wilder: Freshman Year (2009) and so on. He has been a favorite musical director for many artists, in the United States as well as abroad.

  • Chris Landreth

    DeTao Master of Psycho-realistic Animation

    Having won an array of international awards including an Oscar, Prof. Chris Landreth is one of the most internationally celebrated animators of today. His film Ryan won the 2004 Academy Award for Animated Short Film and the 25th Genie Award for Best Animated Short. The film was well received at the Cannes, Venice, Sundance and Toronto film festivals and was honoured with more than 50 awards. In addition, his short film The End was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film in 1996 and Bingo won Best Animated short at the 1998 Genie Awards. With The Spine, he won the Best of the Festival award at the Melbourne International Animation Festival. In 2012, Prof. Chris Landreth officially joined DeTao. As a senior animator with exuberant creativity, Prof. Landreth will promote the development of the Chinese film and animation industry with his advanced character animations and scientific visualizations.

  • Ana Serrano

    DeTao Master of New Media Movie

    Prof. Ana Serrano is internationally recognized as a leading figure within the digital media industry. She is the founding Director of CFC Media Lab: a prominent new media research, training and production think tank environment created in 1997 at the Canadian Film Centre (CFC). Serrano produced Canada's first user-generated personal storytelling project – the Great Canadian Story Engine. She is also the executive producer and architect of Late Fragment – the first interactive dramatic feature film in North America. Serrano garnered three Canadian New Media Awards and was selected to represent Canada as an expert panel member for the 2003, 2005 and 2007 World Summit Awards. She adjudicates awards for the Webby, CNMA and frequently speaks at new media and film festivals throughout the world about the future of storytelling and entertainment. In 2012, Prof. Ana Serrano officially joined DeTao Masters Academy.

  • Heddy Honigmann

    DeTao Master of Documentary

    Internationally acclaimed, Prof. Heddy Honigmann is recognized as one of the most prolific documentary directors of today. With a career spanning more than 30 years, she has won major awards around the world, including the Golden Gate Award at the San Francisco Film Festival, the Golden Pigeon at the Leipiz Film Festival and the Outstanding Achievement Award at the 2007 Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival. Her classic work Forever was a big hit garnering numerous awards and considerable praise from critics and filmmakers alike. Her body of work has also been honoured with retrospectives at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Cinema Arsenal in Berlin, the Madrid Film Museum, the Pacific Film Archive in San Francisco and the Paris Cinema International Film Festival.

  • Jack Lew

    DeTao Master of Emerging Media and Arts Education

    Professor Jack Lew is currently the Vice President and Dean of Visual Communication, Laguna College of Art and Design. Prior to joining the Laguna College of Art and Design, he served as Director of Collaborations at the Center for Emerging Media and as the Interim Director of the School of Visual Arts and Design at the University of Central Florida. Other academic positions include tenured roles at the Memphis College of Art and Kansas City Art Institute. His industry experience includes work at two of the world’s leading entertainment companies: Disney Animation and Electronic Arts (EA). During his time at EA, the world leading developer and publisher of video games, he was responsible for facilitating relationships with art schools and identifying the world’s finest art talent. In his work with colleges throughout the US and Canada, he has delivered presentations along with developing collaborative educational programs. He currently serves on a number of advisory boards including the International Digital Media and Arts Association, Chinese Character a Day Foundation, and various other art institutions.

  • Craig Caldwell

    DeTao Master of Digital Media Art

    Craig Caldwell is a USTAR (Utah Science Technology and Research) Professor at the Digital Media Cluster, Film and Media Arts Department and School of Computing, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT. Industry experience includes 3D Technology Specialist in Disney Academy for Walt Disney Feature Animation in Burbank, CA (Tarzan, Dinosaur, Atlantis, Chicken Little, Meet the Robinsons, Bolt) and Head of Creative Training, Tiburon Studio, Electronic Arts ( the largest games company in the world. Academic background includes Head of the Media Arts department, University of Arizona and Associate Director of the College of Fine Arts, Triestman New Media Center, University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona. He was Head of Griffith Film School, the largest Film School in Australia, Brisbane, Australia. At Northern Arizona University he was a Professor in the School of Art and Design and Co-Director of the NAU Visualization Lab with the Computer Science Department.

  • Joe Medjuck

    DeTao Master of Film Education

    Joe Medjuck was born in Fredericton, New Brunswick, in 1943. He received his B.A. from McGill University and his Masters and PhD from the University of Toronto where he taught for 12 years and founded the Cinema Studies Program before moving to Los Angeles in 1980. While teaching at U of T, Medjuck also worked as a journalist/editor for the film magazine Take One, the Canadian Forum, The London Times Literary Supplement and The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. He is one of the founders of The Criterion Collection.

  • Terrence Masson

    DeTao Master of Animation and Film Special Effects

    As Director of Creative Industries at Northeastern University in Boston, Terrence oversees all Game Design & Interactive Media curriculum and research activities. He is a member of the Producers Guild of America, the Visual Effects Society and has been active in SIGGRAPH since 1988. An ACM Distinguished Lecturer, Terrence most recently served as the 2006 Computer Animation Festival Chair and SIGGRAPH 2010 Conference Chair.

  • Michael Jablow

    DeTao Master of Film Editing

    Michael Jablow is a long time Feature Film Editor in Hollywood. He is a member of The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and The American Cinema Editors honorary society. He has been twice nominated for The American Cinema Editors Eddie award for his work on the HBO films “Breast Men” and “*61”, directed by Bille Crystal. For “*61” he also was nominated for an Emmy award.

  • Stuart S. Sumida

    DeTao Master of Anatomy for Animation

    Prof. Stuart S. Sumida is a professor of Biology at California State University, San Bernardino, where he joined the faculty in 1992 after completing a Ph.D. in biology at the University of California, Los Angeles. He is an internationally respected instructor and paleontological researcher, having delivered lectures in the United States, Canada, England, Germany, Brazil, and Hong Kong. He is the recipient of the Wang Family Excellence of CSU, 2008, which is designed to celebrate those CSU faculty who have distinguished themselves by exemplary contributions and achievements in their academic disciplines. In 2011 the Carnegie Institute of Washington D.C. named him the outstanding professor for the entire state of California.

  • Geoff Campbell

    DeTao Master of Digital Model

    For over 23 years Geoff Campbell has created award winning digital animation as a Model Supervisor for Industrial Light & Magic in San Francisco. Commencing as a modeler and animator on Terminator 2, Death Becomes Her, and Jurassic Park, Geoff has advanced to play a pivotal role in the creation of acclaimed digital characters in the global film industry. As Department Supervisor for ILM’s Digital Model Shop, he’s led a team of 40 artists working at all levels of production to produce numerous memorable digital characters for a variety of celebrated live action and feature animated films..

  • Scott Ross

    DeTao Master of Visual Effects and Feature Film Production

    Prof. Ross is one of the most notable pioneers in digital media and entertainment and he has worked on over 100 of the world’s largest special effects films. He is formerly General Manager of George Lucas’s Industrial Light and Magic (ILM), and under his leadership, ILM won five Academy Awards for Best Visual Effects. Prof. Ross co-founded Digital Domain, and acted as the CEO and Chairman. Under his leadership, the company received multiple Academy Awards, including three Oscar Awards by Titanic, What Dreams May Come, and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and four Scientific and Technical Achievement Academy Awards. Digital Domain was one of the largest digital production studios in the motion picture and advertising industries. Prof. Ross is a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (OSCARS) and member of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (EMMYS).

  • Chris Crawford

    DeTao Master of Creativity and Educational Game

    Prof. Chris Crawford is a computer game designer, and a pioneer in “Serious” Game. He created The Journal of Game Design: the first magazine of its kind, whilst editing and writing most of the content himself. In 1998 he founded the Computer Game Developer’s Conference, which has since become the biggest game developers’ annual convention in the world.
    He has published 14 classic computer games in total. His book The Art of Computer Game Design has become a classic for later game designers. Having shifted his focus towards interactive storytelling in recent years he now holds various patents in this sector, and has given hundreds of lectures across the world.

  • Myrna Gawryn

    Detao Master of Character Performance for Animation

    Myrna Gawryn works with animators and directors to develop physical behavior, performance, relationship to other characters, context, and anatomical detail -- all the components which make animation, or storytelling in any medium truly alive and specific.
    Ms. Gawryn began her career as a classically trained dancer and worked for many years as a choreographer in Los Angeles. Her background is in character and physical performance for theater, film and T.V., human behavior and anthropology, anatomy, kinesiology and motion capture. She co-owned and was Artistic Director for the dance and physical arts studio Room to Move in Los Angeles, and has been awarded several grants as an Artist in Residence with the California Arts Council. She has had a long career working in film, television and theater, choreographing and directing movement for dancers, actors and in animation. In this capacity, she developed and conducted workshops for Robert Redford’s Sundance Theater Lab in Utah, and the New York Lincoln Center Director's Lab at the Pasadena Playhouse in California. She has been a developer for LifeForms, a choreographic and storyboarding software, and a director and performer for motion capture, and 'real time animation'.

  • Steve Hickner

    DeTao Master of Animation & Film

    Prof. Steve Hickner is an American Film Director at DreamWorks Animation. He previously worked at Walt Disney Feature Animation, Amblimation, Aardman and Filmation. He has worked as director of The Prince of Egypt, Father of the Pride and the Bee Movie; Storyboard Artist on Over the Hedge, Shark Tale, Kung Fu Panda: Secrets of the Furious Five and many others. He has also worked as Head of Story on Shrek 4-D. Prof. Steve Hickner has been awarded best animated video premiere for Joseph: King of the Dreams. He has written and published a book named Animating Your Career, as a guide to navigating the journey of a career in the creative fields. Besides, he is Member of The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, The Animation Guild (TAG) and Member of The Creative Talent Network (CTN). He has been a guest speaker at many colleges and universities, film festivals and animation events.

  • Jason E. Squire

    DeTao Master of Entertainment Industry Studies

    Jason E. Squire is Associate Professor at the School of Cinematic Arts, University of Southern California and, since 2012, Visiting Professor and Director, Study Center of the Hollywood Industrial System at Beijing Film Academy. He is editor of The Movie Business Book, the field’s primary textbook, and the “International Third Edition” global rollout includes Chinese, English, Japanese and Spanish. Prof. Squire worked as an executive for 20th Century-Fox and has written for The New York Times, Los Angeles Times and appeared on CBS, CCTV, CNN, NPR, Newsweek On Air, PSB (Korea) and NHK (Japan). His recent USC case studies have included STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS, THE AVENGERS, GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO, SUPER 8, THE SOCIAL NETWORK, STAR TREK and IRON MAN

  • Dan Sarto

    DeTao Master of Animation and New Media

    Dan Sarto is co-founder and publisher of Animation World Network,, the largest, most comprehensive and respected source for animation news and information resources on the Internet. Key publications and industry portal websites include AnimationWorld Magazine, VFXWorld Magazine, AWNtv, the Animation Blogspot, the Animation Industry Database as well as the Animation Flash, AWN Spotlight, AWNtv Spotlight and VFXNewswire newsletters. Each month, AWN's portals are visited by over 300,000 unique readers from more than 100 countries.

  • Jerry Dunn

    DeTao Master of Stage Art and Design

    Prof. Jerry Dunn is a Production Designer with a 30 year career in Hollywood, California with extensive experience designing in every genre of multi-camera television. Jerry’s work has been seen by over 2 billion people world-wide. He is best known for his situation comedy TV work, such as "the Cosby family".As the Production Designer he received two Emmy Award Art Director nominations For the sixty-fifth Academy Awards and Bob Hope- The First 50 Years. In 2001, he also had received a nomination of Art Directors Guild Awards. Prof. Jerry Dunn is a member of IATSE Local 800 The Art Directors Guild and a member of The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

  • Xiaomao Wu

    DeTao Master of Computer Graphics and Animation

    Dr. Xiaomao Wu is Project Lead at Crytek Frankfurt Studio, Senior Associate Editor of ACM Computer in Entertainment, and Industrial Chair of Springer Encyclopedia of Computer Graphics and Games. He is the committee member of ACM SIGGRAPH Motion in Games 2014, VRCAI 2014 and Industry Talks of Eurographcis 2014. He is now directing the Cinebox project, working with Hollywood and other film/TV studio on real-time rendering, animation and state-of-the-art film making pipeline. He received his Ph. D. from Shanghai Jiao Tong University and continued his postdoctoral research at INRIA. Before joining Crytek, he worked at Autodesk, Microsoft, and INRIA on computer graphics and animation.