Financial Services

With economic growth and improved livelihood, financial service is penetrating the everyday life of ordinary people. Despite the steady development of China’s financial market and domestic demand, there is still a far cry between the competiveness of China’s financial industry and that of the developed world, which is primarily attributed to the lack of financial elites. According to statistics, Shanghai needs 320 000 financial professionals before it can establish itself as an international financial center. However, the current number is only 230 000, leaving a gap of 90 000 people. The lack of financial professionals is both quantitative and qualitative. The industry is calling for professionals of multiple levels, medium and high end, and multiple disciplines. The gap between supply and demand of elites has to be bridged by cultivating them in China.

DeTao Financial Service Center is designed to cultivate professional elites for China’s financial market and deliver high-end financial service. Currently, the Center has invited a number of financial experts, including Professor Xiaofeng He, Dean of the Finance Department of School of Economics in Peking University, to teach ‘Private Equity Investment Fund Master Course’. The course is designed for middle and senior management staff in the financial sector. Moreover, the DeTao Internet Finance and Environmental Finance Project is being implemented ahead of peers in the industry. The Center will also invite financial industry Masters from both home and abroad to run Master courses and strengthen cooperation with the government, the corporate world and universities as an effort to facilitate the development of China’s financial industry.

  • Xiaofeng He

    DeTao Master of Financial Investment and Private Equity

    Prof. He Xiaofeng is a famous economist, investment banking expert and master of financial investment and private equity fund in China. His main research areas are capital market theory and investment banking. He is particularly accomplished in the Chinese stock market and the finance and banking of China.He established and is leading the Finance and Industry Development & Research Center of Peking University and chaired the forum Where Is the Way Out for Chinese Securities Traders and the forum Understand the Independent Directors. He has been listed as one of the most popular economists among the cyber citizens. He is in charge of the research project of Financial Sustaining for the Beijing Olympics. Supported by the Peking University and the Beijing Olympic Committee, the project has achieved periodical results and has attracted the attention of the financial community of Hong Kong and Macao.