Daotian Makerspace Partners with DeTao Master of Leadership and Strategy Lars Kolind in Master Class

2017-09-13 15:43:51

On the morning of September 12, Daotian Makerspace was honored to invite Mr. Lars Kolind, DeTao master of Leadership and Strategy to help launch the first master class at the DeTao Knowledge Capital Accelerator. The theme of the class was "How to build a successful startup" and was attended by 25 management members from 10 startup companies.

Master Kolind's one-on-one interaction with a startup team member
To start off, Master Kolind began with a question at the heart of every entrepreneur: "how do I successfully introduce my company and products to the world?" He used his hearing aid company, energy consulting company and large-scale conference software development company as examples to guide students into contemplating the real purpose of one's own company. While instructing students to consider the true meaning of their company, he patiently listened to each student's introduction of their startup's function, and responded with acute suggestions regarding these purposes. Next, the master employed a step-by-step process in guiding the students to realize that discovering the objective of one's own company was to understand the true value of it, and he explained the significance of how a clear understanding of company purpose was conducive to corporate growth.
Thereafter, Master Kolind held simulated training with the students. By playing the role of customer and speaking with the participants he was able to effectively draw attention to the most essential areas of improvement. In this segment, Master Kolind indicated that in the course of communication with customers, the main priority was to grasp the challenges and demands of the customer, respond accordingly to arouse the other party's interest, and carefully consider customer needs and reply with suitable feedback in order to gain the upper hand in and maintain command of the conversation.

Role-play simulation training between Master Kolind and startup teams
Lastly, Master Kolind expressed his sincere wishes to the students, and once again underscored that a real purpose within the company was a key factor that not only drove corporate success, but was an indispensable part of a startup. Meanwhile, when speaking with clients or investors, it was necessary to mention how one's own company could serve the customer but also convey how customers could benefit.

Group photo
Through this master class, not only did the various teams established at the DeTao Knowledge Capital Accelerator exhibit their anticipation for the course, but also for startup teams that attended the Accelerator for the first time. The master class fortified Daotian Makerspace's brand image of "make the most out of your advantages". In the future, similar activities and classes will be provided to entrepreneurs in Songjiang District, so as to offer more and better resources for different startup teams, contribute to Songjiang District's effort in creating G60 science & technology innovation valley and assist in cultivating a healthy climate for innovation and entrepreneurship in Songjiang.