DeTao Media Pools Global Knowledge Capital and Supports China Top 500 Enterprises Summit

2017-09-11 15:48:04

On September 9, 2017, the annual gala of the Chinese economic and corporate circles- "China Top 500 Enterprises Summit" officially commenced at the Qianhu State Guesthouse in Nanchang, the capital of Jiangxi Province. The Summit is jointly sponsored by the China Enterprise Confederation and China Enterprise Directors Association, organized by the People's Government of Jiangxi Province, and has garnered over a thousand prominent individuals and distinguished guests from home and abroad. As a supporting organization of the fourth parallel forum of this event, Shanghai DeTao Media Co., Ltd. leveraged its knowledge capital as the core competency, and focused on the objectives of assembling global knowledge and instigating innovative Chinese industrial development to support the smooth implementation of the China Top 500 Enterprises Summit.

Overview of DeTao's parallel forum "Dialogue between World Branding Masters and China Top 500 Enterprises"
At 10:00 am on September 9, the Summit's parallel forum "Dialogue between World Branding Masters and China Top 500 Enterprises," supported by DeTao Media, took place inside Ganjiang Hall A of the Jiangxi Qianhu State Guesthouse. At the infant phase of any enterprise, the fundamental feature of strategy is to plan for the future developmental direction of the company and to cultivate core corporate competitiveness. Not only will a farsighted strategic plan enable an enterprise to adjust and adapt to concurrent changes and internal reforms on its own accord, it can also ensure stability and maintain forward momentum during times of significant shifts in the market. Brand, as an indispensable and integral component in corporate strategic framework, is the best tool for an enterprise in acquiring customer awareness and highlighting its market value.

General Manager of DeTao Media Mr. Bobby Yu presents at the parallel forum

Vice General Manager of DeTao Media Ms. Cindy Hu delivering the opening remarks at the forum
At the beginning of the forum, Vice General Manager of DeTao Media Ms. Cindy Hu delivered the opening remarks and introduced DeTao's operation and business emphasis on providing a one-stop solution for enterprises. Thereafter, DeTao Master of Leadership & Strategy Lars Kolind delivered a keynote speech centering on the theme of "Purpose Makes Profit", in particular emphasizing the monumental difference between the short-term returns and long-term returns for a company, and that the crux of the matter is how to realize long-term and sustainable returns. “The biggest difference between the leading enterprises in the various industries of the world and their respective competitor enterprises is that the former can rely on shrewd acumen to formulate clear and emphatic corporate goals, which are even more important than attaining returns". Based on years of corporate management experience, Master Kolind shared seven effective mechanisms for cooperating with customers and helping companies achieve their goals.

Speech from DeTao Master of Leadership & Strategy Lars Kolind

Master Kolind being interviewed by Xinhua journalist at the Jiangxi Provincial Conference Center
Shortly after, DeTao Master of Brand Strategy Design Kenneth W. Cato shared his views on the theme of "Building Brand Value" as he detailed real cases of how some of the world's most renowned corporations create brand value. He explained a progressive notion: "the brand itself possesses value, and not only can it be included in a company's balance sheet, it can also become one of the company's assets. Brands are not only a trademark, but also the reputation of the company".

DeTao Master of Brand Strategy Design Kenneth W. Cato sharing corporate case studies

Master Cato being interviewed by Xinhua journalist at the Jiangxi Provincial Conference Center
The accumulation of global mindsets and the sharing of cutting-edge concepts stimulated extensive contemplation among the audience on "how to evaluate a good brand and strategy". When the forum reached the round table discussion stage, masters Kolind and Cato were joined by Chairperson of People Electrical Appliance Group Mr. Zheng Yuanbao, Chairperson of Beijing Er Shang Group Ms. Sun Jie, Chairperson of Tongding Group Mr. Shen Xiaoping and Chief Engineer of Jiangling Motors Mr. Shi Minshun. Their insightful opinions and thought-provoking discussions elevated the atmosphere inside the venue to new heights.

Stimulating round table discussion on the subject of "Brand and Strategy"
At the same time, the "Belt and Road": New Opportunities in Regional and Corporate Development parallel forum was held at Ganjiang Hall B of the Jiangxi Qianhu State Guesthouse. Mr. John Xia, President of DeTao Group and Chairman of GingCo Information Technology Services (Beijing) Co., Ltd., attended the event and delivered a keynote speech, during which he introduced how DeTao connects intelligence resources of world masters with education resources of China in an effort to contribute to high-end education in the country. In addition, as the "Belt and Road" initiative stressed innovation driven by enterprises, DeTao unveiled its "gingko tree" commerce and finance trade platform specially for B2B application, successfully putting the "use world-class resources to become world-class enterprise" concept into practice. After the event, reporters from Xinhua interviewed Chairman Xia with regards to this subject.

Speech from the President of DeTao Group and Chairman of GingCo Information Technology Services Mr. John Xia at the "Belt and Road" forum

President of DeTao Group and Chairman of GingCo Information Technology Services Mr. John Xia interviewed by Xinhua journalist
As a wholly-owned subsidiary of DeTao Group, DeTao Media capitalizes from the Group's worldwide innovative resource and knowledge capital system to carry out innovative practices in multiple sectors with the bellwethers of each industry, gradually establish an innovative platform that covers all industries, construct a knowledge capital service platform that facilitates the transformation and upgrading efforts of SMEs, and provide comprehensive solutions for market-oriented application of knowledge capital for enterprises and industries. In order to better serve the Top 500 Enterprises of China, DeTao Media specially developed two products that cater to "brand and strategy," and inject targeted knowledge capital, data capital, financial capital and industrial capital into client enterprises, so as to offer full-spectrum support and services contributive to corporate upgrading, transformation and revitalization efforts.
The hosting of this forum exemplified the accountability of China's Top 500 Enterprises in carrying out new concepts. Furthermore, it underscored the keystone role of Top 500 Enterprises in leading and driving socio-economic development while indicating directions for the upgrading and transformation of the Top 500 Enterprises. In the future, DeTao Media will stay abreast of opportunities, concentrate on its core competency of the wisdoms of masters and utilize knowledge capital in its endeavor to assist Chinese enterprises in their transformation and upgrading undertakings and help propel the transition from "made in China" to "created in China".