DeTao Master Denis Dessus Elected President of CNOA

2017-12-01 09:49:56

Professor Denis Dessus, DeTao Master of Social Ecological Architecture, was elected president of CNOA (Conseil national de l'Ordre des architectes) on 30 November 2017 and will be serving from the end of 2017 to 2020.

CNOA is directly subordinate to the French Ministry of Culture and consists of 26 local commissions and one national commission. The national commission is located at Tour Maine Montparnasse in Paris, while the local commissions can be found in 18 major districts across France. For the duration of his three-year term in office, Professor Dessus will be assisted by over 100 employees and nearly 400 architectural consultants. CNOA manages and represents the architectural industry, safeguards the rights of architects, maintains order and formulates laws and regulations concerning the industry. As the highest level of association in the industry, CNOA is also entitled to participate in the formulation of laws concerning land and architecture, thus wielding profound influence in decision-making in both France and the EU. 

Professor Denis Dessus, DeTao Master of Social Ecological Architecture
Master Dessus has always been an ardent advocate of green and healthy architecture. He believes the concept of “green” means taking responsibility for the future of Earth while the term “healthy” means maintaining an active sense of devotion for everyone. As the founder of innovative and environmentally friendly architecture “green buildings”, Master Dessus has designed over 150 building projects covering hospitals, thermal spas, nursing homes, psychiatric hospitals, schools, social housing, office buildings and stadiums, among them being the famous Région Rhône Alpes Pavilion of France in the Urban Best Practices Area of Shanghai Expo 2010. In recent years, Master Dessus has travelled around France, Belgium, Algeria, Austria, the Netherlands and China taking charge of sustainable architecture and urban planning.

Instead of simply calling Dessus an architect, “doctor” of architecture may be a more fitting term. The first reason for this is due to his upbringing as he comes from a family of doctors and once studied medicine himself; second is his creation of dozens of outstanding medical facilities and nursing homes based on his passion for medical treatment and personal knowledge. Master Dessus believes that everyone should be treated equally, whether it is the patients in a hospital or the elderly, who no longer possess the capacity for independent living. In a nursing home, they should all receive the most effective medical care available, be entitled to preserve their dignity, possess the rights and opportunities to socialise and be allowed to participate in their treatment proposals. Master Dessus’ job is to provide such possibilities with the most suitable space, function, environment and atmosphere, which makes architectural design a key part of the treatment.

The Région Rhône Alpes Pavilion at Shanghai Expo 2010 as designed by Master Dessus
Master Dessus is also an architect widely recognised for his creativity. His works were recently exhibited at the National Architecture Days as organised by the French Ministry of Culture, where he produced exceptional architectural products with novel solutions that combine creativity, aesthetics and environmentally friendly constructions. Meanwhile, Master Dessus is wholly committed to the general improvement of the architectural industry. With the support of the government and a strong desire to build a better living environment for the public, Master Dessus has contributed tremendously to legislation in the architectural industry and the improvement of laws and regulations. Believing “architecture is a cultural reflection”, Master Dessus has actively undertaken key tasks in the arts, culture and education while engaging in research and development in the curriculum of future architectural studies for children in China.

Master Dessus delivering a speech at PPP à la barre
Key French media outlets such as Le Monde and Le Figaro and major media platforms in the industry including the official website of the International Union of Architects (UIA), Le Moniteur and Batiactu have all covered the story of Master Dessus’ successful election as president of CNOA and extended their congratulations. Master Dessus also repeatedly mentioned his collaboration with DeTao during the interview following his election. He expressed in his latest correspondence the wish to lead the 30,000-strong architects under him to engage in a more intense collaboration with China over the next few years and to help boost the Chinese architectural industry.
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