HAITC & DeTao Sign Strategic Collaboration Deal to Promote Hainan

2018-03-06 13:10:34

On March 5, 2018, DeTao Masters Academy signed a strategic deal with the Hainan University-Arizona State University Joint International Tourism College (HAITC), a move after the success of a series of projects including the introduction of top talents, “Dialogue with Global Innovation Masters” and international master workshops. The deal is expected to help boost collaboration between the two sides regarding areas such as teacher training programs, international study trips, education quality assessment and co-building of a think tank, and in a long-term goal, to facilitate the talent cultivation and educational development in Hainan and contribute to the objectives of creating an idyllic village and an international tourist island.

Group photo of representatives and leaders from both sides
HAITC dean Wang Lin and DeTao Masters Academy CEO Lansi Jiang signed the collaboration agreement on behalf of the two sides. The ceremony was also attended by Hainan University vice deans Wang Chongmin and Liang Mou, Hainan University International Office senior officials Yang Zhixin and Ling Xuebing, HAITC Party Committee secretary Li Yanrong, DeTao master of pioneering ecological architecture and poet, designer of the Zhangjiajie glass bridge Haim Dotan; DeTao master of cinematic arts, director of Friends Roger Christiansen; and DeTao Masters Academy deputy general manager Rae Wu.

According to the agreement, both sides will pull together their respective strengths and resources. Top talent will be introduced and an educational think tank built to offer strategies necessary to transform Hainan into an international tourist island. Research in tourism education and its sustainable development will be jointly launched, with particular focus on the issues which emerged during the building of the international tourist island, so as to promote its construction and comprehensive tourism development. Research directions include tourism education, island (or coastal cities) tourism, tropical-area tourism, Southeast Asia and the Belt and Road Initiative tourism, duty free and travel retail, environment and sustainable development, ecological economy, farming and forestry, and country tourism. 

DeTao master Haim Dotan delivering a speech
Meanwhile, as a key part of the collaborative project, DeTao Brand Talk “Dialogue with World Innovation Masters”themed with “Ecological City Building and Tourism in the 21st Century: Design Illuminates Life – from the Innovative Glass Bridge in Zhangjiajie to the Miracle of Revolutionary Urban Economy” also took place at Hainan University. DeTao master Haim Dotan shared his design philosophy behind the Zhangjiajie glass bridge, as well as the topics of ecological architecture and tourism in China, which are featured throughout the workshop between March 1st and 4th. As special guests of the talk, DeTao master Roger Christiansen along with Hainan University College of Arts Professor Tang Lichun and Dr Xu Wenting and College of Civil Engineering and Architecture Professor Zhang Huali exchange their ideas and made comments on the workshop during the panel discussion. It is noted that the workshop receives a widespread of commends among the university leaders.

DeTao master Roger Christiansen delivering a speech as a special guest

DeTao master Haim Dotan interacting with students of Hainan University at the workshop
In response to the needs of building Hainan as an international tourist island and developing both domestic and foreign tourism, HAITC introduced three programs based on internationally pioneering tourism-education ideals, namely hotel management, human geography and urban planning, and public administration. The collaboration between the college and DeTao Masters Academy began in 2017. The academy boasts over 500 international experts from over 30 countries known for their industrial expertise and academic reputations and is committed to becoming the industry-leading provider of innovative educational content and comprehensive services.

Photo Courtesy of HAITC