DeTao at Design Shanghai 2018 iF Gold Award Winners Propelling Businesses and Market Expansion

2018-03-15 10:18:02

Design Shanghai, the largest annual international design event in Asia, kicked off at Shanghai Exhibition Center on 14 March. Following its capture of three iF gold awards, known as the Oscars of design in Germany, DeTao generated attention and stood out among the other 400 brands and design galleries from over two-dozen countries and regions at the event.
DeTao Group was joined by its world-renowned Jacob Jensen Design studio from Denmark and Dirk Wynants Design Works, an advocate of sustainable design, from Belgium at Design Shanghai 2018. While showcasing their iF gold award 2018 winning works, they also presented business partners and design enthusiasts with a number of outstanding cases detailing how they supported the local market. The two studios embodied the Group in rendering their services to businesses in upgrading their products and internationalising their brands, along with making the dream life of people come true.

Overview of the exhibition stall of Jacob Jensen Design

Overview of the exhibition stall of Dirk Wynants Design Works
Studios of global intelligence creating iF gold-award quality
The Virus Picnic Table with the theme shared happiness, a major work from Dirk Wynants Design Works, along with Xpower Vision Modular Power Track, purposely designed for Shanutec by Jacob Jensen Design | DeTao Shanghai, are both winners of this year’s iF gold award in Germany. Although Hesse Shanghai did not partake in Design Shanghai 2018, the studio also captured the iF gold award for visual communication with its strategic brand design Rivers Coatings for Zhaoqing Rivers High-Tech Materials Co., Ltd.

Three designs of DeTao Group that won the iF gold award 2018 in Germany
The chance of winning an iF gold award this year was a mere 6%, so it is no coincidence when three designs from DeTao master studios took home the exclusive accolade. Since its foundation in 2006, the Group persistently searched for and invited leading masters from major pillar industries around the globe to join the Group and build studios for them in China. A partnership-based operating model is formed with the masters’ studios in their home countries, which results in a comprehensive, intersecting and internationalised studio cluster. Furthermore, it allows the Group to make education in top-tier industries a reality while driving industrial innovation.
Winning the German iF gold awards not only represents international professional recognition of the design-focused comprehensive solutions of the Group, it is also testimony of the brand mission of DeTao, as the Group continues its goal to “gather world masters, amass global intelligence, cultivate industry talent and propel business development”. As a result, Shanutec and Zhaoqing Rivers High-Tech Materials Co., Ltd., partners of DeTao studios, became two of the few iF gold-award winners in China during recent years, which added value to their products and brands.

International design reconciled with Chinese market to enhance local brand value

DeTao Masters Academy executive director Jiang Lan congratulating Jacob Jensen Design and Shanutec on winning the iF gold award 2018
Jacob Jensen Design, the first partner studio of DeTao, has accumulated extensive experience and gained marked distinction in China. Timothy Jacob Jensen, DeTao master of industrial design and CEO and chief designer of Jacob Jensen Design, joined Shanutec CEO Wu Guoxinin in demonstrating a new generation of Xpower Vision products at the welcoming event of DeTao at Design Shanghai 2018.

DeTao master Jensen being interviewed by Shanghai Television Station

Jacob Jensen Design and Shanutec engaged in a discussion
Driven by the dual demands of the public for a smart home and artistic design, the arrival of the product means that a power supply no longer has to be limited by the routing and extension blocks. Jacob Jensen Design accurately captured the characteristic of the product and combined it with the Scandinavian aesthetics of simplicity, cleanliness and freeness. Power sockets are thus liberated from walls, and people can enjoy a simpler and easier life thanks to the cordless design. Shanutec CEO Wu Guoxin is both surprised and grateful that, along with garnering the German iF gold award, the independently researched and developed product also received the greatest recognition in design and business.

Dirk Wynants, DeTao master of durable product design and founder of the top Belgian design company Extremis, always persists, when supervising design, in combing internationally advanced design concepts with the actual circumstances of the Chinese market. The Virus Picnic Table from his studio not only won the iF gold award 2018, but it also captured the Core 77 Design Award of the U.S. in 2017 and was nominated for the Henry van de Velde Everyday Life Award in Belgium.

The Virus Picnic Table by Dirk Wynants Design Works
Due to his exceptional design for the office-furniture series Copenhagen, Wynants was invited to share the future trend of global offices with professionals at Design Shanghai 2018. As Copenhagen is often labelled the happiest city in the world, Dirk Wynants Design Works named its office furniture designed for MATSU Group after it. The series incorporated Dane’s love for nature and elements such as trust, equality, freedom and values to elevate happiness in the office. Instead of being a mere office space, it is more like a comfortable venue that people look forward to when coming in to work.

Copenhagen office-furniture series by Dirk Wynants Design Work for MATSU Group
The design of the series centred around humans and fully considered the joining, creativeness and technology of future offices, allowing users to choose whether they wish to work in a closed, interactive or relaxed environment. The design pioneers the revolution of modern offices.

Wynants sharing the cutting-edge office design with the audience
Wynants shared the most cutting-edge global office design at the event upon the invitation of the organiser and naked Hub. The office plan of Design Shanghai aims to uncover cutting-edge global design and potential suppliers, so as to build a one-stop platform for business communication with industry professionals.

Dirk Wynants Design Work team at DeTao

Master Wynants introducing his works to media

Master Wynants talking to a visitor
Furthermore, in support of the development of innovative Chinese businesses with growth potential, Dirk Wynants Design Work overhauled the brand design of a retailer of children’s products from Yiwu, China. In addition to elevating its added value, the previously unknown brand re-emerges and enters the global market as Kiddo at an international design exhibition.

Good design knows no bounds and satisfies the dream life of people
The collaboration examples of the two DeTao studios showcased at Design Shanghai 2018 were the epitome of the cross-discipline and versatility of DeTao studios in the Chinese market.

Some of the outstanding designs from DeTao showcased at Design Shanghai 2018
DeTao master Timothy Jacob Jensen remarked that he did not believe good design equated to expense, and that everyone in the world deserved high-quality design regardless of wealth. DeTao master Wynants mentioned he strived to generate more added value for his products, including how to make people happier, as a person surrounded by first-rate products would naturally feel more content. The two designers may come from two culturally dissimilar countries, but like their shared opinion, DeTao studios are consistent in their action and belief that “design improves life”.

Currently, design-focused comprehensive services are offered by the five-dozen and ten-dozen physical and virtual studios at DeTao CCIC Building in Shanghai, with emphasis on six major areas, namely industrial design, brand design and visual communication, urban planning and architectural design, landscape and themed environment design, fashion design and art expression, along with film, television, animation and game design. The Group continues to serve the Chinese market through a series of international design cases, including the Shanghai Urban Brand Project and the pedestrian glass bridge over the grand canyon of Zhangjiajie.

The world design industry is now watching closely the leading power of China. High-standard and -quality Chinese design is now driving the transformation from “made in China” to “designed in China”. DeTao will continue to perform its social responsibility at upcoming events such as Shanghai Fashion Week and World Industrial Design Conference, as it promotes communication between Chinese and global design. Furthermore, it will continue to cultivate Chinese designers with innovative and internationalised education, and with its iF gold award-recognised performance it will boost Chinese brands. Last but not least, it will satisfy the dream life of the people through collaboration with its partners.