Standing Together through Thick and Thin—— DeTao Group Formally Present Master with Certificate

2018-04-05 10:50:20

DeTao Group held a certificate-awarding ceremony at DeTao Knowledge Capital Accelerator in DeTao CCIC Building on the afternoon 2 April 2018, where it presented Professor Hartmut Esslinger with a DeTao Master Certificate. The ceremony was witnessed by fellow DeTao masters, who also extended their congratulations to the professor, including Florin Baeriswyl from Switzerland, Mathis Heller from Germany, Haim Dotan from Israel, Max Howard from the U.K., Jack G. Zhou from the U.S., Patrick and Jane Gottelier from the U.K. and Josep Henriquez from Spain.

The certificate-awarding ceremony formally marked the beginning of the presentation of certificates from the Group to its masters and exemplified the Group’s determination to standardise its system of master recognition.

The Master Certificate Awarding Ceremony

Professor Esslinger, commonly known as the godfather of industrial design, is a pioneering expert in strategic design and founder of the world-renowned strategic design company Frog Design Inc. With over 40 years’ experience in strategic design and management, the professor has previously customised global design strategies for noted international corporations such as Apple, Luis Vuitton, Lufthansa and Sony. His outstanding contribution to industrial design throughout the years has earned him multiple honorary titles around the world.

Professor Esslinger was duly presented with a Lifetime Achievement award by the National Design Awards of the U.S. and the World Design Medal 2017 last year.

Furthermore, as the first participant of DeTao Masters Heritage, the professor is actively committed to the development of the Group in education. His Strategic Design&Innovation course and Professor Robin King’s Creative Animation course were the first SIVA•DeTao Advanced Classes, a joint collaboration between the Group and Shanghai Institute of Visual Art (SIVA), which endeavour to introduce knowledge to design education in tertiary institutions across China.

“Wisdom, collection, heritage” and “Be Ahead” are the concepts of the Group that the professor also incorporates in his teaching, as he imparts greater knowledge to younger generations and cultivates top-tier talent with all-round thinking for the design industry.

The first group of students under the professors Esslinger and King graduated in 2017 and have  consequently begun a new journey in life. Guided by Professor Esslinger, the DeTao-Studio Esslinger focuses on the application and educational projects of strategic design while fully supporting Chinese industrial design to become more professional and high-end. The impact on the business development of industrial and product design in China is both inspirational and profound.

In addition, Professor Esslinger has laid a solid foundation for the Group in its education development. He has helped DeTao Masters Academy win the recognition of the Chinese government and become an influential higher education institution among the many renowned tertiary institutions.

DeTao Group President John Xia presenting Professor Esslinger with the certificate

During the certificate-awarding ceremony, guests recalled memorable times the professor had spent with the Group. Chris Xu, COO of the Group, referred to the teachings of Confucius when addressing the audience: “At fifteen, I was determined to learn. At thirty, I was established. At forty, I was able to aptly handle everything. At fifty, I understood the ways of Heaven. At sixty, I was a skilled listener. At seventy, I could follow what my heart desires without committing any transgression. Professor Esslinger is truly a person who is able to follow his heart without committing any transgression. He has truly achieved freedom ‘in the way of a gentleman’, as the ancients called it. I’m grateful to DeTao masters as led by Professor Esslinger, and DeTao will continue to work miracles with these talented individuals.”

John Xia, President of the Group, added: “The goal of DeTao is to build an educational institution with SIVA taught by masters, which will pass on and strengthen the essence of human civilisation, like long-standing tertiary institutions such as Stanford and Harvard Universities. In addition to developing innovative education, the Group will expand the influence of its masters in different industries to help more Chinese businesses and industries transform and accelerate their development.”

The 74-year-old professor never stops moving forward. Some might say the professor has garnered enough honours and titles and has reached the pinnacle of his career. However, he is  now committing more energy to education than ever before. As he stated in his acceptance speech, it was a pity when students were diligent but lacked talent, but it was even more upsetting when students had an abundance of talent but lacked diligence. He therefore reiterated his hope that students felt truly happy when designing and expressed his desire to do all in his power to make learning an enjoyable process for those under his guidance.

Guests congratulating Professor Esslinger on the reception of the certificate

Following 12 years of the joint effort of DeTao masters and the Group, progress is now happening on a whole-new level, reaching a milestone in its achievements and entering a new stage of advancement. The Group will be holding more Master Certificate Awarding Ceremonies to show its heartfelt appreciation to its masters for their participation and outstanding contribution.