Alumni Entrepreneurs Visit DeTao to Discuss Knowledge Capital Cooperation


The Shanghai University Alumni Association and DeTao seminar was held on Jan. 30. Participants included alumni of prestigious Chinese universities, such as Beihang University, Tsinghua University, Sichuan University, Zhengzhou University, and Harbin Engineering University. The graduate turned entrepreneurs came from various sectors, including the cultural creative industry, finance, investment, information, TV and film.

The event centred around an exchange of ideas among the alumni entrepreneurs. Discussing the topic of DeTao Knowledge Capital, they provided insights into the application of DeTao resources and coordinated efforts in facilitating DeTao business.

Dozens of alumni visited some of the DeTao Master studios on the sidelines of the seminar. They had talks with Mr. Han Yi, Managing Director of DeTao Media, and Mr. Wang Yong, Director of Major Media Account Department, on DeTao’s history, vision, development progress and corporate cooperation model.

Mr. Fu Min, Chairman of Shen Bing Tian Jiang, Mr. Tao Chong, Chairman of Beihang Capital, and Mr. Wang Shizhong, Vice President of Innovation Works – all alumni of Beihang University – contributed their insights and recommendations to DeTao Knowledge Capital from the perspectives of their sectors.

The attendees showed admiration towards DeTao’s Master resources, education vision and philosophy of knowledge, hoping to become part of DeTao’s knowledge capital system in the near future. The Alumni Association is set to enhance cooperation with DeTao on a more regular basis, enabling more alumni members to learn about DeTao Knowledge Capital while further contributing to its success.