China International Intellectech (Shanghai) Corporation and DeTao Group Entered into Agreement of Cooperation to Introduce International Human Capital to China


(Jan. 23, Shanghai) On Jan. 23, 2014, China International Intellectech (Shanghai) Corporation and DeTao Group entered into an agreement of cooperation at the Shanghai Institute of Visual Art. Both sides agreed to introduce worldwide talents to China and facilitate the growth of Chinese enterprises.

Ms. Ying Li, Executive Vice President of China International Intellectech (Shanghai) Corporation, and Mr. Chris Xu, DeTao COO and Director of DeTao Media Corporation, attended the ceremony and signed the agreement on behalf of each party. Numerous Masters also attended the event, including Professor Mathis Heller, DeTao Master of Automotive & Industrial Design; Professor Mitsuru Kaneko, DeTao Master of Digital Animation and Analysis; Professor Dan Sarto, DeTao Master of Animation and New Media, and Professor Roger Christiansen, DeTao Master of Cinematic Arts.

China International Intellectech (Shanghai) Corporation is known for providing specialized HR management consulting services. It is founded by China International Intellectech Corporation, an SOE supervised by SASAC (State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council) of China. As a leader in China’s HR and emerging development areas, China International Intellectech has been providing professional HR services for over 10 thousand foreign firms nationwide while catering to local employers for the past 20 years.

DeTao is a global player recognised for its efforts in providing knowledge and innovation to China's most ambitious. Since 2010, it has introduced over 500 industry Masters from 26 countries, including the US, the UK, France, and Germany. The Masters collective accolades amount to more than 3,000 prestigious awards in arange of over 140 categories. The cooperation between China International Intellectech and DeTao is thus set to providing a full range of elite consulting services, from corporate management to the upgrading of enterprises.

As Professor Mathis Heller outlined during the ceremony, DeTao boasted a range of workshops, advanced classes, O2O courses, and adult education. Professor Heller himself is an outstanding figure in the field of automotive and industrial design, perhaps better known as the ‘man behind BMW’ for his leading efforts in the renowned automobile series. According to himself, this ever-evolving century had seen modern enterprises undergoing a third revolution. Nowadays, the mere diploma of a single profession is not enough to achieve outstanding success. Lifelong learning', he expressed, 'is integral to getting ahead in this extremely competitive world'. Finally, Professor Mathis Heller spoke of DeTao's accomplishments in imparting implicit knowledge on a wide scale, and that there was no better time than now to take advantage of its resources.

The signing ceremony heralded the full rollout of DeTao’s cooperation with China International Interllectech Corporation in introducing world wisdom to China, nurturing local elites, facilitating corporate growth, and setting China on its path towards the intellectual age.