Professor Kevin Erwin Attends TEEB Multi-Stakeholder International Seminar


Professor Kevin L. Erwin, DeTao Master of Ecological Restoration, attended The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB) Multi-Stakeholder International Seminar at Beijing Oriental Grand Hotel on Jan.21, 2015. As a Certified Senior Ecologist and Professional Wetland Scientist with over 40 years of professional practice, Professor Erwin shared his best practice by introducing TEEB’s initiatives in China and made his observation on the prospect of wetland mitigation banks in China.

In his speech, Professor Erwin cited the case of Komatsushima, a wetland mitigation bank project in Florida. He started with the definition and history of wetland mitigation bank and analyzed its advantages. Wetland mitigation bank is the combined success of eco-system and economics. It is driven by economic growth and is time-saving, labor-saving, land-efficient and cost-effective. It also brings huge benefits to bank operators.

Professor Erwin was optimistic about TEEB’s prospect in China. ‘If you ask me about the best place to launch projects combining eco-system and economics, it would be here in China,’ he said with a sense of humor.

After the speech, audience members came up with a lot of questions and engaged in heated discussion with the professor. It was evident how China was concerned about eco-system and biodiversity, and how China supported the launch of TEEB projects in the country. After the seminar, Professor Erwin had pleasant talks with experts and government officials from various nations, discussing pilot TEEB projects and sharing views on wetland restoration and protection.

This event was co-sponsored by China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection and the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), and jointly organized by the Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences and the German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (Bundesamt für Naturschutz, BfN). Participants were experts from the Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences, China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection, the UNEP, Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, Wetlands International, among other Chinese and international government bodies as well as academic institutions.