Nationwide Art Schools Conference Followed by Visit to “SIVA•DeTao Advanced Class”


The Principals’ Conference of Art High Schools from around the country was held on Dec. 19, 2014. Almost 100 participants attended the meeting, including principals from over 60 art high schools and teachers of major art training establishments from Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Anhui and Shandong. Such schools included Hangzhou No. 7 High School, Qingdao No. 6 High School, Suzhou No. 6 High School, Shanghai Zizhuyuan High School, Xiangshan High School, Shanghai Xinyihe Art Center, ArtBox School, China Academy of Art Arts Center in Zhejiang, and the Shandong Bainaheyin Art Development Center. The “SIVA•DeTao Adanced Class”, jointly operated by Shanghai Institute of Visual Art and DeTao, was the main focus of discussion.

The conference was chaired by Professor Zhang Tong, Vice President of Shanghai Institute of Visual Art. President Wang Ronghua was also present and extended his warm welcome to the participants. Vice President Zhangtong offered a brief introduction of SIVA and Mr. Wei Zhiqiang, Director of Enrolment Office, introduced the enrolment policy for the coming year.

Professor Yan Jin, Executive Chairman of DeTao Master Committee, and Director of USC IMPACT Laboratory, University of Southern California, also attended the meeting. His research on design theory & methodology, knowledge-based systems, distributed and multiagent systems, organization modeling, project management, and collaborative engineering has earned him the reputation he has today. In addition to serving as the Chair of Honors & Awards Committee of ASME Design Engineering Division, he has received numerous accolades including the National Science Foundation CAREER Award and TRW Excellence in Teaching Award at University of Southern California. At the meeting, Professor Jin provided a detailed account of the innovation and strengths of SIVA-DeTao’s Advanced Class. Subsequently, ten Detao Masters and course coordinators offered additional comments on the Advanced Classes with regards to their respective disciplines and enrolment policies.

Later that afternoon, participants visited the DeTao Shanghai CCIC Building and were brought up to date on the teaching of“SIVA•DeTao Advanced Class“, its overall program, how DeTao Masters were introduced to China and the innovative education models in use.

Participants visited the studios and teaching facilities of numerous courses, including the Fashion & Apparel Design Class (Fashion Design Studio of DeTao Masters Professor Patrick Gottelier and Professor Jane Gottelier), Creative Animation Class (Animation and Digital Industry Studio of DeTao Master Professor Robin King), Sustainable Furniture Design Class (Studio of DeTao Master Professor Dirk Wynants), Brand Strategy and Management Class (Brand Structure, Strategy and Management Studio of DeTao Master Professor Florin Baeriswyl), Strategic Design and Innovation Class (Strategic Design Studio of DeTao Master Professor Hartmut Esslinger), Brand Recognition and Public Space Class (Studio of DeTao Masters Professor Min Wang and Professor Michel de Boer), Classic Guitar Class (Guitar Studio of DeTao Master Professor Josep Henriquez), Themed Environment Design Class (Studio Dawnfinder), Interactive Design Class (Studio of DeTao Master Professor Roy Ascott), and Eco-Architecture Design Class (Eco-Architecture Studio of DeTao Master Professor Haim Dotan). Participants were introduced to the Advanced Class’ examination and enrolment procedure, education targets, and education progress, while given the opportunity to communicate with present teachers and professors. Following the site visit, participants engaged in detailed discussions with teachers regarding the Enrolment Office of SIVA and those in charge of academic affairs at the ”SIVA•DeTao Advanced Class“.

As the day came to an end, participants spoke highly of their visit to”SIVA•Detao Advanced Class“ and its innovative teaching model. They promised to publicize the innovative teaching philosophy of the Advanced Class upon returning to their schools, and assured to prepare for enrolment of the 2015 Class along with access to premium education.