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DeTao Institute of Green Investment

DeTao Institute of Green Investment is a civil think tank, established by DeTao and dozens of top experts in Feb. 2014. Its goal is to bring together global experts for collaborative innovation to explore the economic theory, methodology, and tools for supporting sustainable environmental management and ecological civilization. IGI has 40 international well-known masters, including Robert Costanza (Co-Founder of Ecological Economics, Professor of Public Policy at the Crawford School of Public Policy at The Australian National University), Hunter Lovins (Founder of Natural Capitalism Solutions, Professor of Business Bard MBA. Co-Author: Natural Capitalism), Robert Eccles (Professor of Harvard Business School, Chairman of SASB, honored members of ACCA), Larry Li (Tenured Professor of Ecology at University of California,Riverside), Xiaofeng He (Professor and Doctoral Adviser of the Finance Department of School of Economics in Peking University, Famous Economist, Investment Banking Expert).


Apply the market mechanism into sustainable environmental management, let market play the leading role of resource allocation, rebuild an economic model and establish a new economic system which is financially attractive yet ecologically sustainable. Develop a synergistic growth model for natural capital and economic prosperity.


On the basis of regional Balance sheet researches, IGI will become a specialized balance sheet researcher and assessment services provider; On the basis of Natural capital Balance sheets, IGI will guide the market capital to invest in natural capital, provide policy suggestions, help the governments to protect and invest the environments efficiently; In view of we have many masters of environment engineer, ecological restoration, pollution prevention, ecological economy, we can also give power to environmental protection enterprise developments.

Case 1

Sanya Natural Capital Balance Sheet

In July 2014, after reaching an agreement with the Sanya local government in the Hainan Province, IGI started to develop the first “Sanya Natural Capital Balance Sheet” project and after half a year's development, launched the preliminary result on the February 2015. Sanya Natural Capital Balance Sheet congregated the expertise from the Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences, Institute of Geographic Sciences, Natural Resources Research, Institute of Policy and Management under Chinese Academy of Sciences, and based on the theory and project result, co-developing a “Green Rising” strategy for Hainan Province, as well as political recommendations for the 13th Five Year Plan to guide the regional decision making on economic development.

Case 2

Future New Economy: Sustainable Model Towards An Ecological Economy Closed-door Workshop

On Feb. 8-9,2015, DeTao initiated a closed-door conference ‘Future New Economy - Sustainable model towards ecological economy’ which was discussed the way of market capital investing in natural capital, financing mechanism, return principle, as well as relationship between the GDP and NC(natural capital). At that conference, together with the Chairman of DeTao Group, Mr. George Lee?35 top experts had jointly launched the “Natural Capital Future New Economy Shanghai Declaration”.