Sunshine Project

Sunshine Project was formerly known as ‘Sunshine Project Love Action’. It was sponsored by the students of Peking University in 2000 to popularize knowledge about depression. The Action has benefited a large group of Chinese through Publicity Tours around universities in Beijing, lecture series, TV shows, media reports, and a dedicated website on psychology ( The Project will draw upon the best practice from the Love Action and the successful model of similar organizations in the US to carry on the Action in a more effective and sustainable manner.

Sunshine Project is currently building online mutual assistance platform ‘Sunshine Project Psychological Mutual Assistance Forum’

About ‘Sunshine Project Psychological Mutual Assistance Forum’

"Sunshine Project Psychological Mutual Assistance Forum"is a public beneficial communication platform dedicated to those suffering from depression, bipolar affective disorder, and neuroses as well as their families and psychology professionals. It was initiated in 2003, aiming at caring for the mental health of patients and boosting China’s progress in mental health.

The forum has over 70 000 registered members as China’s largest mutual assistance forum for depression. Volunteers of the forum are Chinese nationals and overseas Chinese from Malaysia, the US, the UK, and Australia. Website of the forum:

The forum and its regional social support groups are publicizing knowledge about depression through various means. With more social resources input, more support and assistance will be given to patients suffering from depression and other mental diseases as well as their families.

If you are interested in joining this public benefit initiative, please email us at (Contact person of the project: Zhuang Chao)

Initiatives under Sunshine Project

Sunshine Project Psychology Website ( This website was launched to facilitate Sunshine Project Love Action. So far, it is an outstanding website on depression and related diseases. It is widely recognized for its up-to-date knowledge and information, sole public benefit orientation, proud track record of patient recovery, more importantly, the mutual assistance platform its provides, and the hoping and caring culture.

Regional Social Support Groups of Sunshine Project: The groups are based on regions to provide social support of all kinds for people with depression and publicize knowledge of depression and related mental diseases in communities. The Project has established such groups in major cities across China.

Depression Public Education Plan: By distributing information about depression online and in communities, the Plan is deepening the general public’s understanding of depression and mental health. The publicity material ‘About Depression: Everyone’s Knowledge’ and ‘Bipolar Affective Disorder’ compiled and translated by Sunshine Project has been widely circulated.

How Sunshine Project Operates

Sunshine Project provides support for depression and related diseases through online and offline mutual assistance.


Scientific knowledge, local medical information, information about local mutual assistance, event information.


Knowledge publicity events, support for medical events, support for mutual assistance events.

2015 Advance Scheme of Sunshine Project Mental Health

Advance mental health mutual assistance in accordance with its mission and positioning through online communication platform and information sharing platform.

Mission of Sunshine Project

Fight mental disorder with other people

Positioning of Sunshine Project

Information sharing platform for patients of depression, bipolar affective disorder, and neuroses as well as their families and helpers

Chronology of Sunshine Project

On Mar. 30, 2000, Li Ningzhong, a postgraduate student at Peking University who had just recovered from depression, initiated 'Connection to the World – Sunshine Project Love Action'.

In April, 2000, 35 media including Xinhua News Agency and China Youth Daily covered Sunshine Project.

On Apr. 17, 2003, Psychological Mutual Assistance Forum of Sunshine Project was established.

On Jan. 21, 2007, Sunshine Psychological Mutual Assistance Group Beijing organized the first offline Voluntary Mutual Assistance event.

On Nov. 5, 2009, Sunshine Forum Jinan organized the first national Voluntary Mutual Assistance event.

On Nov. 30, 2010, official online chat group (QQ) of Sunshine was launched and the alliance of local groups was formed.

On Oct. 18, 2012, Sunshine Forum participated in a TV show of Beijing TV, ‘Sheng Huo Guang Jiao’, featuring assistance for obsessive-compulsive disorder, and was well-received among the audience.

On Jun. 26, 2014, WeChat account of Sunshine Forum released the first feed on positive energy.

On Jan. 27, 2015, Sunshine Project ‘Days out of Depression’ was published and open for telephone ordering. Charity sale was expected in March.